200 yuan buy 1000 yuan texture, earphone pile material crazy inside roll, KZ ZEX Pro static ring iron earphone experience

Recently, some friends in the digital group are talking about the earphones they have used. There are about 26 earphones ranging from 59 yuan to 1599 yuan. When it comes to the sound quality, there is a fierce debate.A friend recommended a KZ ZEX Pro wired moving coil static HIFI earphone of over 200 yuan, and posted a picture in the group, which suddenly attracted my attention. The golden LOGO, transparent shell, and the high-end atmosphere in a glance came to my face.KZ is a brand that produces high-end custom earphones and is well respected in the audiophile community at home and abroad.Electrostatic earphones launched in the industry are generally around 1000 yuan, and KZ this 200 yuan electrostatic earphones, if it can provide 1000 yuan texture, it is really not ordinary.Today I will do this KZ ZEX Pro headphones out of the box experience to share, for interested friends to do a reference.Out of the box, the headphones come in a compact package with two crystal clear earphone beans in the middle of the hard white cover. The champagne gold cover has a strong frosted metal texture.The KZ LOGO is on top of the package, and since it’s co-branded, the Crinacle LOGO is also on top.At the bottom is the product model: KZ ZEX PRO. The product features the natural integration of static electricity, moving coil and moving iron. Just looking at the package makes people look forward to it.Open the package, the box contains headphones, headphones cable, two frosted translucent white earcaps and instructions.A separate package of three black earcaps also looks good, but the white caps should match the transparent headphones better.A storage case is also useful for protecting headphones with a cable when traveling.The headphone cover adopts aviation grade zinc alloy material radium carving molding, KZ LOGO letter lines, mecha wind and deformation diamond fan is full.It is necessary to mention the 6 unit static iron hybrid earphones on the package.Six units refers to that each ear machine contains three units, namely electrostatic unit, moving coil unit, moving iron unit.The three units play their respective roles. Static unit has high sound quality and fidelity, moving coil unit has obvious advantages in sound field and bass, and moving iron unit has high sensitivity and strong dynamic sense. The combination is very magical.Experience Alan Walker’s Lily, which has been on a loop recently. Put on headphones and turn the volume to 80% on the way to work.The full rhythm of the electric songs and the strong bass sound instantaneous made me find a kind of punch-to-flesh experience that I had not seen in RPG games for a long time. The bass percussion felt as comfortable as a massage for the soul.On NetEase Cloud Music, Lily said in her message that this song is also Han Hong’s favorite, so there are some small joys.”Crossing” is also a classic song in the headphone test. The drum percussion at the beginning is heavy and thick. The singing of CAI Qin is gentle and melodious.We won’t discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wired earphones and wireless earphones, but under the same configuration, wired earphones are better than wireless earphones in terms of music details, integrity and sound quality.This is also part of the audiophile people refused to use wireless headphones to enjoy music the most fundamental reason.The KZ ZEX Pro uses 1.2m long silver-plated wire to transmit a hi-fi sound base. The 0.75mm pin makes it easy for enthusiasts to combine and replace wires freely.The earring design is more comfortable to wear and not easy to fall off. The 3.5mm earphone plug is designed with a bend, which is not easy to break and more durable.Summary This KZ ZEX Pro static ring iron earphone, exquisite workmanship, high recognition, full sound quality, three-frequency balance, not only better than many bluetooth earphones of the same price performance, even up to some 1000 yuan earphone texture, recommend music and ear picky friends can get a try.

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