6pm!Guangzhou team ended the turmoil, the official release of support, Xu Jiayin applause, the national football team excited

As the eight-time Champion of the Chinese Super League and the two-time champion of Asia, no one wants guangzhou, one of the most iconic brands of Chinese football, to fall, and xu Jiayin, the behind-the scenes owner, is doing his best to ensure evergrande’s revival.In the guangzhou team is of vital importance to the critical moment, the state general administration of sports, the paper documents to Mr Xu turned the corner, on January 25, Beijing time 6 PM, general administration of sports officially released about during the period of “difference”, the first batch of national key cities for the football development, this time a total of 9 cities listed in this support, and guangzhou impressively in the column.According to the sSA, these cities need to accelerate the pace of local soccer reform, while the country will also increase the level of security in the soccer field, making new contributions to promoting the vision of Chinese soccer.With the promulgations of this document, Guangzhou Football Team is basically saved. After all, as the most important and the most brilliant football team in Guangzhou, the smooth operation of Guangzhou Football team must be guaranteed first since the country wants to vigorously develop the football career of Guangzhou city.In fact, Mr Xu’s Evergrande group in recent years, with the guangzhou sports bureau also has a lot of business between us, at the beginning to organize training in time, on time to participate in the game of the second stage of the CSL, guangzhou team must also know in advance in the U.S.A bureau file spirit, or slot is hard to take out 20 million spending half a month to continue to support the half-dead club.However, now it seems that Xu’s insistence is completely correct, but also quite worthwhile.Since he joined Evergrande, Xu jiayin has invested more than 16 billion yuan in the past ten years. Now the official documents have been issued, so the revitalization of Guangzhou Team will also sound the horn.The next step, of course, is to retain the old captain Zheng Zhi, who is the team’s veteran minister of the past ten years, with the team for more than 200 games, but also the team in the most critical moment, volunteered to stay with Guangzhou team through the crisis.In the second stage, Zheng Zhi organized the training spontaneously and became the first coach of CSL to appear in the game in person, which shows his importance to the team.After the decision of Zheng Zhi, Guangzhou Team can also consult the opinions of veteran players such as Zhang Linpeng, Huang Bowen and Mei Fang. If they want to stay in the team, the club can also offer them a short contract, and their future will be decided according to their actual competitive conditions.Under the promotion of the state, IT is believed that THE matter of GUANGZHOU Pharmaceutical Group buying shares in Guangzhou Team will be completed as soon as possible. After all, multi-shareholding is a popular trend of domestic clubs, which can ensure the smooth operation of the team to the greatest extent and prevent the team from falling into a situation of no care when a shareholder crisis occurs.2022 will be an absolutely crucial year for Chinese football. Whether China will qualify for the World Cup, whether many CSL clubs will survive, and whether Cfa President Chen Xuyuan will be sacked will all be decided in this year. Not to mention next year, China will host the Asian Cup in 2023.At that time, the face of Chinese football will be displayed in front of all Asian fans, especially guangzhou, such a heavy weight club, can not repeat the tragedy of Jiangsu Suning.

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