“First day jiaozi second face” third day to eat what?And, of course, “The zygote goes home on the third day.”

Today is the third day of the Chinese New Year, it is said that “the first day of the first two dumplings”, that is to say, according to the custom, people eat dumplings on the first day of the Chinese New Year, eat the second day of the noodles.What do you eat in grade three?”The third day of the zygote to turn home”, this is not what I said, this is the custom handed down from generation to generation.Now, of course, it doesn’t matter what people eat, just for luck, get a good fortune, happy New Year!About this custom we still want to know, understand, inherit.Eating dumplings can be said to be the staple food of the past New Year’s Eve, especially in the North, so that people do not eat dumplings on every festival, as if there was no festive taste.Jiaozi (dumpling) on the first day of the lunar New Year’s Eve starts with the dankai (dumpling) group.New Year’s Eve family together happy dumplings, is really happy, this scene from childhood printed in my mind.In the past, generally speaking, the New Year’s Eve dumplings, eating time has arrived at midnight to eat, then the bell will be remembered.Eat dumplings is “more old jiaozi” meaning, “jiaozi” and “dumpling” homophone, so eat dumplings on the meaning of “round and round” and, good luck.Eat dumplings on the first day of the New Year, but also has a good meaning in it, dumplings and ingots are very similar, eat dumplings on the first day of the New Year has the meaning of “wealth and treasure”, sustenance of people’s prospects for a better life.Why do you eat dumplings on New Year’s Eve?New Year’s Eve but the New Year of the alternation, and dumplings and jiaozi homonym, eat dumplings to welcome the New Year.New Year’s Eve to eat dumplings in previous years, New Year’s Day to eat dumplings in the New Year.On the second day of the New Year, some people wonder why people have noodles for the New Year. In fact, people crave for a better life by eating noodles.Noodles mean all roads are smooth. If you eat noodles, you will have a smooth year.In addition, it is also the same as the meaning of eating noodles on your birthday, called longevity noodles, eating noodles in order to live longer than nanshan mountain, a long life, everything goes well.Therefore, people eat bowl noodles on the first day of the New Year in the hope that they and their families can live in peace and work smoothly in the New Year!On the first day of the New Year’s day, jiaozi received. what should we eat on the third day?Of course there is. It’s a zygote.Zygote is actually a kind of thin crust pie, belongs to the pie category, round, two layers of thin crust with only one filling, baked with a pancake.”The third day zygote to home”, because the round zygote is also known as the round cake, people take the meaning of reunion, round and beautiful meaning.In fact, the third day of the first month was called xiao Nian Chao, xiao Nian Chao is also called Red dog Day, but this is a very old traditional festival, now many people have forgotten.It is said that on the third day, the goddess Nu Wa created pigs in heaven.The third day of the Chinese New Year is the day of “rat marriage”, so legend has it that after night, we must turn off the light early to bed, let the rat family hold a wedding, and scattered salt and rice throughout the house, called rat cents, and mice to share the harvest of the year.The third day is also called the day festival, but this is China’s Song Dynasty court festival, legend of the Song Zhenzong dazhong Xiangfu first year, legend has tianshu into the world, so the song Zhenzong pro edict, the provisions of the first day of the first three days of the day festival.During the Tianqing Festival, the court officials will have five days off.To later, later called xiao Nian dynasty, this big not sweeping the floor, begging for fire, water, this custom is roughly the same as the old dynasty.In the north, the third day of the first lunar month is also known as millet’s birthday.On this day, people offer sacrifices to pray for the New Year and cannot eat rice.In the past, on the third day of the Lunar New Year in the south, people would quickly paste “Chi Kou” (forbidden mouth) on the wall.Since the third day of the first lunar month is Chigou’s Day, it is said that this day is unlucky. Chigou is still the god of Blazing Wrath, and it is easy to be angry on this day.Therefore, the third day of the first month should not go out, really want to go out, must stick red eloquence line.”Red mouth”, is to use a long slip of red paper, on the above write some “safe, open the door, surplus” and other auspicious words, it can be stuck on the wall.Therefore, sticking “red mouth” is a way for people to comfort themselves and make themselves feel balanced and happy.Is also people looking forward to in the New Year to go in peace, good to others, do not have a quarrel, work smoothly, happy life, all the best.Image from Internet

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