Reported problem disposal rate of 99.95% Qingdao city management services do not close the Spring Festival

Letter Feb. 7 (reporter Homeport) during the Spring Festival, the Qingdao city bureau of city environmental sanitation, garbage classification, gas heating, landscape lighting, comprehensive law enforcement, and digital urban management each work deployment as a whole, the management system of Qingdao city tens of thousands of cadres and workers to jobs and city run security line, maintain environmental health, standardize the order of the city,Strengthen inspection inspection, implement safety production responsibility, and spare no effort to create a “clean order, clean beauty” and convenient and warm festival environment.Sanitation sector: fine cleaning urban environment island city sanitation systems 23000 employees full, 715 primary and secondary trunk road of Qingdao is an all-round cleaning operation, increase the trash and other sanitation facilities, timing, fixed-point, car, fixed lines keep up living garbage, intensify the street merchant garbage collector, jie to build road net environment;Meticulous cleaning of 1,172 public toilets will be carried out, 405 public toilets open 24 hours a day in the city will be provided with more cleaning personnel and cleaning frequency, and the cleaning efficiency will be improved in key areas and public toilets with large flow of people to meet the needs of citizens and tourists.During the festival, sanitation departments at all levels more measures and security field in green sanitation workers warm New Year’s day, organization of Qingdao city life garbage disposal facilities and eat hutch waste collector, safety production, epidemic prevention and control, and so on and so forth to carry out the inspection, make public toilets, bucket station, factory, equipment, vehicles, facilities sanitizers, strengthening emergency linkage of the industry.During the Spring Festival, Qingdao handled more than 63,000 tons of household garbage, of which more than 1,000 tons of kitchen garbage was collected, transported and disposed.Qingdao Environmental Health Development Center adopts the method of “online + offline” to inspect the disposal order of construction waste on key road sections and key construction sites in urban areas, and organizes various districts and cities to carry out joint prevention and control actions for environmental pollution caused by construction waste transportation.During the Spring Festival, Qingdao Municipal Garbage Classification Office organized relevant departments of various districts and cities to publicize garbage classification knowledge in various ways and cultivate the habit of garbage classification of citizens. A total of 403 communities were organized to carry out household publicity activities, covering more than 15,000 households and distributing nearly 60,000 copies of various publicity materials.Every day, more than 2,600 sorting instructors are assigned to station barrels to instruct residents to properly dispose of household garbage.The 17 garbage classification propaganda and education centers in The city received more than 260 visits of all kinds, with more than 1,000 visitors.February 5 is the city’s hazardous waste centralized delivery day, on the same day, the city dispatched more than 1200 staff, organized more than 150 on-site activities, issued all kinds of publicity materials more than 14,700 copies, collected 178 kilograms of hazardous waste.In order to ensure the supply of gas during the festival, 4,675 employees of the city’s gas industry enterprises and 213 on-duty telephones are in full operation 24 hours a day.31 gas emergency repair teams, 405 repair personnel and 64 emergency vehicles are on standby for all-weather duty and ready to deal with gas emergencies at any time.Qingdao Gas Development Center daily scheduling of the city’s natural gas supply, January 31 to February 6, the city’s gas supply of about 35.09 million cubic meters, compared with the same period last year, a year-on-year increase of 15.58%, during the festival steady and orderly natural gas supply, the city’s gas production is stable.Qingdao of fuel gas administrative departments at all levels, a total of nine inspection, safety production supervision spot check of 63 gas stations, focusing on operations in the gas enterprise festival emergency on-duty, safe operation of the equipment and facilities, hidden regulation, emergency management and emergency relief materials reserve, etc., found and corrective problems and hidden dangers in 36.During the festival, gas administrative departments at all levels and gas enterprises continue to take various forms to strengthen the publicity of safe gas use. A total of 82,000 copies of publicity materials such as white paper are issued in combination with household security checks, and more than 2.6 million messages are sent for safe gas use to improve users’ awareness of safe gas use.Heating industry: to ensure the warmth of the citizens during the Spring Festival holiday, the city’s heating industry cadres and workers stick to the front line, 267 heating service hotlines, more than 500 telephone operators 24 hours to accept the demands of the masses;More than 4000 debugging and maintenance personnel provide temperature measurement and debugging services at any time;88 emergency teams and more than 1,200 emergency repair personnel are on standby to ensure a timely response and quick solution to heating problems during the festival.Qingdao Heating Development Center insists on “daily scheduling” of coal reserves. The city’s heating industry stores 800,000 tons of coal, which can meet about 40 days of heating consumption. Fuel supply is sufficient during festivals.The management departments of heating industry at all levels in the city increased the safety production inspection of heating enterprises. A total of 368 people were dispatched and 498 enterprise sites were inspected, focusing on the situation of personnel on duty, site safety operation and electrical equipment safety control during the festival to ensure the safe and stable operation during the festival.In order to ensure a smooth and orderly city landscape industry in Qingdao during the Spring Festival, the city Administration Bureau carried out a special inspection before and during the festival, and put forward specific requirements on epidemic prevention and control, inspection and supervision, emergency guard and so on.The City appearance and Landscape Management Office and the City outdoor Advertising and Lighting Development Center set up three professional inspection groups to carry out daily industry safety inspection and supervise and handle more than 110 kinds of problems.Among them, the advertising signs group focus on inspection of illegal Posting, hanging of temporary advertising materials and banners, outside the placard and other problems, inspection of more than 300 main and secondary roads, more than 1400 bus shelters;The landscape lighting group focuses on the inspection of lighting facilities standard opening and closing, safe operation, lighting effect, etc., adhere to the fushan Bay General Control Room three-level shift, lighting facilities run well during the festival, the Spring Festival theme light show was reported by CCTV and the public praise, successfully completed the Spring Festival atmosphere construction work;The bathing square group mainly inspected the epidemic prevention and control of bathing beaches, environmental sanitation, management order and order control of activities in urban squares.Comprehensive administrative law enforcement: protect the order of the city appearance during the festival, the city dispatched a total of 10096 law enforcement personnel, investigate and punish occupy road operation, floating merchants, disorderly put disorderly, disorderly paste disorderly painting and other problems affecting the city appearance environment 8789 times, effectively protect the good order of the city appearance during the festival.The city’s comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment city appearance and sanitation law enforcement brigade organized the inspection of 80 roads, found nearly 100 problems, and organized law enforcement officers to the city funeral service center to do a good job in 2022 New Year’s Eve sweep security services;Municipal public law enforcement brigade organized law enforcement personnel to carry out gas law enforcement and drainage law enforcement special inspection.The comprehensive administrative law enforcement departments of each district and city adopted the method of vehicle patrol and step patrol to strengthen the law enforcement inspection of the main and secondary roads, commercial streets, scenic spots, the surrounding areas of traditional memorial sites and construction sites under their jurisdiction. The “ten chaos” problem of the city appearance was continuously remedied, and the behavior of burning and throwing funeral memorial items along the streets was promptly discouraged.Digital Urban management: More collection and Faster Handling Qingdao Urban Management supervision command Center has organized the activity of “Special Inspection and Collection for Spring Festival”. Digital urban management departments of each district and city adhere to the working standard of “timely collection and reporting, timely filing and dispatching”, and reasonably mobilize the responsibility grid collectors.During the Spring Festival, the city organized 1,143 information collectors to go into the city’s back streets, alleys, old buildings and farmers’ markets and other areas with many problems, to focus on the investigation of environmental health, city appearance order, security risks and other problems.During the Spring Festival, a total of 19,877 urban management problems were found on the city operation management service platform, of which 8,788 were handled by collectors and 11,089 were accepted and registered, with the reported problem disposal rate of 99.95%.

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