The “flow of people” in the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital surged in March, and the reason behind it was related to the Spring Festival

Top news · Henan Business Daily reporter Wang Menglin in March every year, zhengzhou a hospital obstetrics and gynecology will usher in a small peak induced abortion operation, how to return a duty?Who are they?What are the causes of contraceptive failure?How to choose a highly effective method of birth control?You look down!”After the Spring Festival holiday, there will be a surge of ‘abortion’ phenomenon, the hospital will perform an average of more than 20 operations a day.”Wu Junmei, deputy director of the department of gynaecology at Zhengzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that during the holidays, couples get together, and a little carelessness can lead to an unintended pregnancy.According to the rule in recent years, one or two months after every holiday, the number of people going to the hospital for artificial abortion will increase than usual.According to hospital statistics, 15 percent of the 270 women who underwent abortions in March were between 18 and 25 years old, nearly 50 percent were between 25 and 35, and 20 percent were between 35 and 40 years old.In addition, it is not uncommon for underage girls to visit hospitals for abortions to terminate pregnancies.Wu Junmei reminds that when a girl is 11 or 12 years old, menarche proves that the ovary has begun to ovulate, which means that the child has the ability to bear, “parents should not only start to pay attention to the situation of the child’s menarche, but also tell the child to enhance the awareness of self-protection, to prevent the occurrence of ‘accidents’.”Is operation of stream of people hurt to female body big?The reporter learned that unplanned pregnancy is the main reason for the increase in the number of “abortion”, and the proportion of repeated abortion in the current abortion operation is high, some women repeatedly induced abortion, the wrong as a means of “contraception”.”Just because abortion surgery is short and risky doesn’t mean it’s without risks.”According to Wu, the most common risks after abortion are uterine cavity residue, infection, bleeding and adhesions, including irregular menstruation and infertility.But if you want to really reduce the occurrence of the above situation, the most fundamental method is to do a good job of contraception, away from “abortion”.There are many methods of scientific contraception. Unplanned pregnancy does not mean that contraceptive measures are not taken, but it may be due to the use of very inefficient methods of contraception, such as external ejaculation, safe period contraception, and not wearing condoms properly.Only by choosing an appropriate and efficient contraceptive method can we really protect our fertility, “enhance our awareness and ability of self-protection, scientific contraception and pregnancy planning”.Wu junmei said.Suggestions: Choose effective contraceptive methods According to the level of contraceptive efficiency, the current commonly used contraceptive methods are: oral contraceptives, subcutaneous implantation, intrauterine devices, condoms and natural contraceptive methods.Wu Junmei introduced that contraceptive refers to compound short-acting oral contraceptive, not emergency contraceptive.However, it should be noted that the compound short-acting oral contraceptive requires us to take it every day without stopping, and the correct use rate is close to 100 percent.Subcutaneous implantation is also a relatively efficient method of contraception. The best time to do subcutaneous implantation is the 5th to 7th day of menstruation for women, and the effective life span is 4-5 years.Intrauterine device is women in our country at present the most commonly used methods, mainly including copper synthetic and synthetic hormones, Wu Junmei pointed out: “ordinary metal coil, need within 3 ~ 7 days after the menstrual clean to the ring, but left acetylene progesterone intrauterine slow-release system requirements in 5 ~ 7 days of menstruation, is as clean as menstruation come when not clean.There is also a time to put the ring on: immediately after the abortion.”When used correctly, male condoms can be up to 95 percent effective and should be used throughout the entire process, rather than during periods of rapid ejaculation or danger.”Male condoms, when used correctly, can not only achieve a relatively high contraceptive rate, but also prevent sexually transmitted diseases,” Wu said.There are still a considerable number of people choose the so-called safe period of contraception, but the ovulation period is vulnerable to environmental, mental, work pressure and other external environment, as well as the possibility of accidental ovulation, so the contraceptive failure rate of this method is relatively high.

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