The war against Vietnam lasted only 28 days. Thirty years after the war, the Vietnamese soldiers felt that they had never seen such a desperate soldier

After The second World War, the scale of war decreased, but the society was still in a state of instability.Every country has several formidable armies.During the Cold War, there was one army in tiny Vietnam that everyone feared: the North Vietnamese.This army is claimed to be invincible, even the far superior military power of the United States dare not fight.Other countries saw that the United States did not dare to fight it, and stayed away.Vietnam relies on this army and claims to be a military power.Such an army was crushed by the Chinese in 1979.In just 28 days, the North Vietnamese army shattered its reputation as invincible.Thirty years after the war, soldiers of the North Vietnamese army at the time recall the battle with fresh memories.In this battle, the Chinese soldiers were deeply shocked by their courage to die for their country.Origin of Conflict China has been a peace-loving country since ancient times.The Chinese government has been adhering to the principle of non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs and maintaining world peace.The 1979 war with the Vietnamese military began with repeated Vietnamese provocations.The Vietnamese military has led numerous incursions into Chinese territory, ignoring the border.After being prompted by the Chinese military, they still refused to correct the situation.The Vietnamese government was very ambitious and wanted to annex Cambodia, Laos, etc.As the post-Vietnamese government became more ambitious, they turned their eyes to China.The Chinese government will not go unanswered in the face of such provocations and has publicly said it will take action against Vietnam.As the war was on the verge of breaking out, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army went to the border in large numbers to prepare to engage the Vietnamese army.At this time the More army is not panic not disorderly, they think there is invincible legend.The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is nothing.It is not for nothing that the Vietnamese army is so confident.The terrain of Vietnam is complicated, and the Vietnamese soldiers have lived here for a long time, so they naturally know the terrain well.The PLA, on the other hand, knew little about the terrain and was unfamiliar with the environment, which undoubtedly added to the resistance.Our army marched from the mouth of the river and crossed the Red River to the old market in Vietnam.Three days later, our army took several large and prosperous cities of Vietnam and was the first to occupy important positions.The Chinese People’s Liberation Army came one good news after another, at this time the Vietnamese army began to panic.The greatest achievement of the Vietnamese army must have been the victory over the American army.In the War between the U.S. and Vietnam, the U.S. army used the air force as the main force, while the Vietnamese army was good at tunnel warfare.During the war, they fought hidden in tunnels.Even the ferocity of the American aircraft attack could not harm them.So the Americans were defeated.The American defeat emboldened the Vietnamese army.In the Sino-Vietnamese war, the Vietnamese army still wanted to deal with the PLA in the same way that it had defeated the US army.The PLA knows its own enemy and knows their tactics early.And they didn’t flinch. They went straight to the pit.Due to the rugged terrain of the fighting area, there are many natural openings.These holes became hiding places for Vietnamese troops.The PLA is divided into small groups, and the leaders of each group lead the PLA troops under their command.Work in groups of a few.From the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain, every corner.They struggled to find traces of the crafty Viet army, which had taken advantage of nature to hide behind the trees.When the PLA men found out, they suppressed them with heavy gunfire.Some PLA troops burned the entrances to the caves, and many Vietnamese soldiers were burned alive in the tunnels and caves.Gradually, the Vietnamese troops suffered heavy casualties and were soon overwhelmed by the fierce offensive of the PLA.In addition to short-range engagements, the PLA has employed long-range fire weapons.In order to cope with this war, the Chinese military is fully prepared.The PEOPLE’s Liberation Army deployed a large number of artillery, and when they found the hiding place of the Vietnamese army, they concentrated their artillery fire on the Cave of the Vietnamese army.In the face of such a fierce attack by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, many Vietnamese soldiers were afraid of life and death and tried to surrender early.The combat status of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is greater than ever.They did not fear the ambush of the Vietnamese army hiding in the shadows, but rushed forward, intent on killing the enemy for their country.According to statistics, in just a few minutes, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army can wipe out hundreds of Vietnamese troops.When the PLA and The Vietnamese fought in close quarters, the difference in style became apparent.The Vietnamese used automatic pistols.These guns have a lot of firepower.But the gun has a small amount of ammunition and is only suitable for short-term combat.The Vietnamese army fought with the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army for a long time, and then the Vietnamese army was at a disadvantage.When the PLA had enough bullets, but the Vietnamese army had no bullets to replace in time, they were helpless like headless chickens.The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) continued to build on their victories and finally comprehensively defeated the Vietnamese army, breaking the legend that they were invincible.A soldier who fought in the Sino-Vietnamese war said the PLA was the most deadly soldier he had ever seen.The Sino-Vietnamese war was divided into several battlefields.Each battlefield has a different mission and faces a different enemy.The most difficult, must be the independent division of the third regiment.Facing its most powerful enemy, the People’s Liberation Army has aroused a sense of patriotism and a desire to lead.The troops fought separately at the same time under the leadership of the platoon leader.Many soldiers on the battlefield were attacked by Vietnamese gunfire.Many of the soldiers were grazed by shrapnel, though not directly injured.In the face of the wound on the body, they do not care about, continue to stand fast in their posts.We won a comprehensive victory in this battle, and many heroes emerged to serve the country.The short campaign is a test and a test for our troops.The PLA is a highly disciplined military and will certainly live up to people’s expectations.The Sino-Vietnamese War was a large-scale war since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.It maintained the territorial integrity of Our country and was an important battle in Chinese history.On the battlefield, we faced the once invincible Vietnamese military.This battle is very difficult, even many countries are waiting for Our defeat, waiting to see China’s jokes.The PLA is under pressure to go to war, with no natural geographical advantage and no advanced weapons.They by virtue of a cavity patriotic blood, die for the country to kill the enemy.They showed no fear in the face of the strong enemy, but fought bravely and bravely.In this era of peace, we must not forget the efforts of the PLA.The Vietnamese government thought the Chinese were easy to bully, so it initiated the war.Facts tell us that the PLA is not easy to mess with, and China is not easy to mess with.

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