Wang Can late at night self-exposure pressure, sun daughter face feeling, suspected and Du Chun marriage emergency

Wang Can posted an article on her social media platform in the early hours of the morning, revealing that she was under great pressure and suffering from insomnia.After being with Du Chun, Wang can was inevitably subjected to some external voices.She has to deal with the good and the bad.No matter the comments from netizens, such as “Wang Can does not deserve Du Chun”.Some netizens believe that After Wang Can became pregnant, Du Chun was obviously absent-minded and did not care about Wang Can’s mood during pregnancy.All love is just skin deep.After giving birth, Wang needs to face the new growth of pregnancy spots on her face, adapt to the baby’s sleep time, stay up late, the pressure surge, and even Wang can’s physiological cycle will be affected.Wang added that all the hard work was worth it after the birth.Looking at her lovely daughter, she felt happier than she had ever felt before.I hope she can shake off the negative emotions as soon as possible and keep going.

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