Worthy of being the “ceiling” of ancient costume comedy, the audience rating on the first day broke 100 million, word of mouth forced 8.0

Costume drama has always been one of the most popular genres among the audience, which can be divided into costume drama and costume martial arts drama. However, in recent years, a genre called costume comedy has become popular.Worthy of being the “ceiling” of ancient costume comedy, the audience rating on the first day broke 100 million, word of mouth forced 8.0.Costume light comedy is a new play derived from the combination of costume drama and comedy. Its biggest characteristic is that it not only retains the prototype of costume drama, but also adds funny elements of comedy. This unique setting is quite recognized by the audience.After the popularity of historical light comedies, numerous dramas of the same type appeared one after another, but few of them satisfied the audience. The reason lies in the lack of quality of the dramas, the selection of actors and the professional degree of the production team.However, a few days ago, the beginning of an ancient costume light comedy completely broke this situation, the drama has started to pull full popularity, although it is only a network drama, but it has not lost the attention of the star drama, and even set a premiere of the success of breaking 100 million.Today to say this drama is in mango TV hit, directed by Zeng Qingjie, Hu Dandan, Yang Ze, Xiao Ran xin, Wang Jun hao starring “Read aloud”.The female protagonist Hu Dandan made her debut in 2011, first appearing in the audience’s sight with the film Language of Wind. Then she successively acted in many works, such as Runaway Bride, Incense, Songs of Love, Bestie Married, Hunting jackal, Youth Must Be Early, Brokenhearted Sanatorium, Happiness Courtyard, And Taonue Husband.Although Hu Dandan’s debut time is not long, but in the past few years, the development of films and TV plays is promising, there are countless plays, the most important thing is that she with her own performance, so that many audiences have noticed her.Yang ze entered the acting industry in 2017 with his role in Zhong Kui’s Monster Hunt, and later starred in “In Public” and “Struggle, Boy!””, “The countdown to Meet You”, “Jade Zhao Ling”, “Your Majesty on the left, the boss on the right” and many other works.Yang Ze is not as popular as Hu Dandan, but the development of these years is very good, although not too much popularity, but also enough to mix a face familiar in the eyes of the audience.As you can also see here, this drama does not have any popular actors. Of course, this kind of small network drama does not have any A-list stars, but the drama has received quite a good response.According to the data after the premiere, the drama not only hit over 100 million viewers on the same day, but also achieved a high rating of nearly 8.0, which is rare in many network dramas, let alone as a historical light comedy.At present, this “read ignorance” is hot broadcast, for the audience like ancient costume light comedy, should be a good drama worth following.You might as well go and have a look.

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