Hehuang Spring Festival flavor: The dragon and lion in Guide county exult in the Spring Festival

Drums and cymbals are loud.On February 10, the first dragon and lion dance convention of Guide County was held in the administrative Service Center square of Guide County in 2022. Eighteen dragon and lion dance teams from inside and outside the province participated in the event.Dragon and lion dance is one of the traditional Chinese folk customs.The dragon flying and the golden lion dancing show not only the spirit of unity and pioneering spirit of Chinese people, but also the positive energy of striving for a better life.The opening ceremony scene, the first appearance is a dexterous and lively southern lion, it in the plum pile flash turn to move, thrilling performance won the audience bursts of applause.Diabolo dragon performance is very characteristic, in the hands of the performer, they roar and hover, like dragons flying nine days.The northern lion competition was so exciting that the wenshi, wushi and young lions came on stage and jumped over and over to show the style of the northern lion.Colorful dragon somersault, golden lion jump, the scene of the conference each representative team athletes show unique skills, for the people of Guide County to give a wonderful performance at the same time, showing the charm of dragon and lion culture and striving for the spirit of sports.This activity not only built a good platform for dragon and lion sports enthusiasts both inside and outside the province to learn their skills, but also greatly increased the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival and enriched the sports and cultural life of the people in Guide County during the Spring Festival.At the conference.Qinghai Daily rong media reporter Wang Shimei took pictures of the southern lion show.Qinghai Daily rong media reporter Wang Shimei took the golden dragon wild dance.Qinghai Daily rong media reporter Wang Shimei took the scene of the lion dance competition.Planning/writing/dubbing/shooting/production: Wang Shimei Supervisor: Ma Jun wang Li Yiyue Huan Chief Supervisor: Chen HaileiAll the above contents are original manuscripts of Qinghai Daily, except the source indicated. All the copyright belongs to qinghai Daily media platform. Reprint without written permission is strictly prohibited, offenders will be prosecuted!

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