The murdered Chinese PhD student was posthumously awarded his PhD!The tutor helped him through school

Yiran Fan, a Chinese doctoral student at the University of Chicago, was killed in a series of shootings in early January last year, sending shockwaves through the study-abroad community.He had planned to submit his doctoral thesis later, but his death was tragic.Half a year later, fan was awarded a doctorate at the University of Chicago’s class of 2021 graduation ceremony, thanks to his US tutor helping him complete his unfinished work (the professor team wrote and defended his thesis on behalf of him).A paper written by Fan Yiran, a Chinese doctoral student in the US, was accepted for publication just before his graduation.The article is entitled “The Interaction of Bankers'Asset and Liability Management with Liquidity ConcernsIt is accepted by the international top academic Journal “Journal of Political Economy”.Fan Yiran is the sole author of the article.To publish an article in The Journal of Political Economy is what almost all economists yearn for. As a post-90s doctoral student, Fan Yiran published an article in the Journal, which shows his excellence.In front of the paper, the editor added an additional eulogy, saying that Fan Was a fourth-year doctoral student at the University of Chicago who was tragically shot and killed on January 9, 2021, at the age of 30.The paper, published in the Journal of Political Economy, reflects his ongoing research.We celebrate the life and work of a brilliant scholar who has been taken from us because of a terrible crime.The death of this excellent doctoral student has caused widespread mourning from all walks of life.During his doctoral study, more academic records were discovered, and his doctoral supervisor who had been with him for 4 years also praised him repeatedly. Let’s step into Dr. Fan Yiran’s study time and have a further understanding of him.Fan Yiran, 30, was in the fourth year of his doctoral degree at the University of Chicago when he was killed. He received a master’s degree in financial economics in 2015.Speaking at the university’s graduation ceremony on June 11, Professor Zhiguo He, Fan’s finance mentor, said: “The posthumous award of this degree recognises Fan’s maturity as a scholar.We were unable to save this young and promising life, but we are sure he has already made his mark on the world of financial economics.””It’s a very small thing we can do to recognize such a special talent.”Lars Peter Hansen, a professor in the Department of Economics and Statistics and booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.Hansen was fan’s other mentor.The university planned to present Fan’s doctorate certificate to his parents at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing, China, last fall, according to the school’s previous statement.In addition to awarding doctorates, the University of Chicago also established an annual scholarship named after Fan.The scholarship, partly funded by Fan’s parents, will be awarded to PhD students in the joint program of Finance and Economics.After Fan’s death, two of his mentors reviewed his research and presented it remotely to more than 100 people in March.Mr. Fan’s thesis committee was co-chaired by Mr. Hansen and Mr. He.Doron Ravid of the Department of Economics and Statistics and Veronica Guerrieri of the Booth School of Business also joined the committee.Although Mr. Fan had not yet come up with a topic for his paper before he was killed, he left his research in Dropbox, an online folder.With the help of Fan’s classmates, the professors obtained Dropbox’s login password.After reading through the research, four professors decided to complete Fan’s doctorate and wrote and defended his thesis on his behalf.”Hansen and I shared the writing of the paper.”Fan was a great academic talent, a helpful classmate and a patient teaching assistant, He recalled.In the tutor’s opinion, Fan yiran is a patient teaching assistant. Fan’s thesis consists of two research results, namely “Screening competition under flexible information access” and “The Interaction between Bank asset liability Management and liquidity Problems”.One of his areas of study was the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008-2009, when many questioned why bankers kept issuing subprime loans that could fail.Its research examined how rational behaviour by banks led to risky lending.”I see a lot of students who have good grades but can’t think critically or challenge existing theories like Fan,” He said. “He has the right mind to do this kind of work.”Jason Nightengale, a 32-year-old African-American gunman, opened fire in Chicago, killing three and injuring four.The first victim, Fan Yiran, was shot in the head in his car in the parking lot of his apartment.The gunman was killed by police.Chicago police said the investigation revealed nightingale had a number of previous convictions and had posted a video on Facebook the day before the attack.He was seen brandishing a gun, talking of random killings and even threatening to “blow up the whole neighborhood.”Pku alumni Association mourned the death of Fan Yiran fan Yiran graduated from Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, majoring in finance.He also studied philosophy as an undergraduate.As an outstanding student, Fan Yiran has a high passion for life and was once an active backbone of literature and art.In 2015, while in Chicago, he joined the Windmill Theatre Company to direct The existentialist Sartre’s confinement.In 2018, while studying for a PhD at the University of Chicago, Fan won the school’s Economics Prize, the Lee Prize.After the shooting, sources said he had “always wanted to be a teacher at Peking University”.On January 12, 2021, the official information release platform of PKU Media Center released “Mourning for the Talents! Pku alumnus Fan Yiran was killed in Chicago Shooting” through the official wechat account “PKU Release”.”We have lost an outstanding alumnus, and the field of economic and financial research has lost an academic and promising future star,” it said.On November 16, 2021, hundreds of university of Chicago students, faculty and parents, mainly Chinese students, staged a “We Want Safety” demonstration on the University of Chicago campus, chanting “We are here to study, not die” and “Who’s next?””Stop gun violence” and other slogans urged the school to ensure campus safety.Many students and parents said that from Fan’s death to Zheng shaoxiong’s death, they now fear that they will be the next victim when they go out, and their lives and studies have been greatly affected.(The death of Zheng Shaoxiong: On November 9 last year, a number of violent attacks and shootings took place in Chicago, the United States. Among the victims killed in the shootings was a 24-year-old Chinese graduate student Named Zheng Shaoxiong.)The rally, held on Main Quad of the University of Chicago campus, was well received. Students of all races, faculty and staff continued to pour in spontaneously from around 11 AM, and many students at the rally held “AM I NEXT?(Will I be next?), WE WANT SAFETY…Urgent hope that the school and the relevant units immediately improve campus safety aspirations.After the rally, the University of Chicago said it had taken important steps to improve security, but more must be done.The university is implementing a number of additional actions, including: additional police patrols;Arrest suspects;Use additional security technology, develop a long-term strategy, add permanent technology solutions to the area around campus, install numerous surveillance cameras and fixed license plate readers;Expanding Lyft;Plan with the city of Chicago to develop a number of short – and long-term public safety strategies for Hyde Park and surrounding communities;Collect the views of the university community on public safety issues, etc.Finally, we should remind you: study abroad, be vigilant.Protect your own life is the first!Fan Yiran papers to check the address:

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