United drew again and cristiano Ronaldo’s scoring drought continued, earning the team’s lowest score

Manchester United failed to extend their lead to Southampton in the 25th round of the premier League, only to concede in the second half to end the game 1-1.It is worth mentioning that in the second round of the Premier League, United could only draw 1-1 at Southampton, who are unbeaten against united in a season for the first time.With middlesbrough in the FA cup, it was united’s third successive 1-1 draw in a week.What’s wrong with Manchester United now?The players lost their spirit, the manager couldn’t handle the dressing room and so on, the results were bad and the players were more disorganized on the pitch, which caused many United fans to go from hope to despair, hoping that it wouldn’t all descend to despair.The return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United this season was highly anticipated for the Portuguese player, but since his return, united have fallen into a spell of curse.Ronaldo is now on his longest scoring drought since leaving Manchester United in 2009, having failed to score or assist in six games.Cristiano Ronaldo scored one goal in a 3-1 win over Burnley on 30 December 2021, and there was no more.This round of the game against the game of Southampton, Ronaldo again failed to score, its performance was more bad reviews by the media, was rated as the lowest united team points.According to the Manchester-based media rating of united’s players against Southampton, Ronaldo received the lowest score of three points, it read.”Cristiano missed a golden chance to score when the game was 0-0, he was offside too easily and looked a bit unable to run.If Cavani comes back he should replace Cristiano ronaldo.Indeed, Ronaldo has led the offside list with 20 offside catches in 20 of his 24 matches in the Premier League. The average number of offside catches is not ideal.In 2013-14 and 2017-18, ronaldo averaged 1.5 offsides per game when he was with Real Madrid, but he was still scoring at a high rate.Now in Manchester United, although 14 goals in all competitions, is still the team’s most, but the current goal shortage and the team’s overall slump, Ronaldo alone bear the brunt of the public doubt.Ronaldo touched the ball seven times inside the Southampton penalty area and hit the target twice but failed to find the net in 90 minutes.Is cristiano ronaldo starting to struggle with the speed and stamina of the game?Ronaldo, 37, has always been so strict with himself that many people are amazed by his disciplined lifestyle.His years of physical fitness at first glance look as good as, if not better than, his younger counterparts at Manchester United.However, the English Premier League is generally regarded as the most intense competition in the top league, and ronaldo’s return to Manchester United at an advanced age will not last long, or the myth of immortality will continue.

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