Zhangshu City bureau of Agriculture and rural areas comprehensive drainage of the city’s centralized contiguous aquaculture situation

It according to the jiangxi agriculture and fisheries, 202118 file spirit, to fully grasp the city’s basic situation of concentrated aquaculture ponds, pushing the pond standardized transformation, steady aquaculture “base”, to ensure stable yield of aquatic products cover for, according to the requirements of ministries and agencies, zhangshu bureau of agriculture and rural areas of concentrated aquaculture ponds in the basic situation investigation,The row object for Zhangshu City 50-100 acres of centralized contigual pond and more than 100 acres of centralized contigual pond, specific by the township (street, field) will be around the situation reported to the bureau of animal husbandry and aquatic products unit, requiring the township (street, field) must pay great attention to, do should check all check,In principle, centralized continuous cultivation ponds of more than 50 mu (including) should be included in the scope of investigation.

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