Zhong Kwu Ling Night Market “upgraded” from March 1

On the afternoon of February 16, the busy Zhongguling night market block.Zhuzhou Evening News reporter Yang Lingling correspondent Liu Bin Lusong District Zhong Guling night market, young people gather, foodies paradise.High popularity at the same time also brought a lot of problems, such as night stall after the garbage let sanitation workers complain, there are random parking vehicle problems…There were calls for reform.On the afternoon of February 16th, New Lusong Group hosted a mobilization meeting of all owners of Zhongguling night Market, and announced the plan of standardized operation and digital transformation and upgrading of Zhongguling night Market block.This also means that from March 1, zhongguling night market will usher in a new round of leapfrog development.Zhongguling Night Market is located in Zhongguling Road, which belongs to the core business area of the central square. It attracts tens of thousands of people to gather here every night.At present, the night market is 350 meters long and mainly deals in specialty snacks and small commodities. The operating time is from 5 p.m. to 12 p.m. in winter and from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. the next day in summer.Night market economy is like a “seesaw”. On one side is city image, on the other side is people’s livelihood.Yesterday’s meeting, the new assistant general manager, trade union chairman Yang Wanrong LuSong group introduction, last November 30, the new LuSong group officially take over the bell and drum hill street night market operation management, through in-depth investigation and visit some vendors, solicit opinions from the nearby residents advice, and connecting with the actual, finally made the bell and drum hill “four unification two specifications” night market management solution.The new scheme will take effect on March 1.”Four unified and two standards”, namely, unified management, unified market standard collection, unified merchant number plate, unified positioning zoning;Standardized employees with health cards, standardized operation stallholders with stallholder permits.For example, renrenjie will be fully entrusted with the environmental sanitation work of the Zhongguling night market, so as to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted cleaning;Design the installation scheme of environmental protection purifier according to the different needs of the operator. After meeting the environmental protection requirements through the third-party testing agency, install the lampblack purifier on all the hot processing vehicles.At yesterday’s meeting, a new regulation was also implemented.Starting from March 1, 2022, wechat and Alipay personal payment codes will not be able to be used for business activities.In order to standardize the operation of stallholders in zhongguling night market block in accordance with laws and regulations, New Lusong Group invited industrial and Commercial Bank of China staff to preach the current financial policies, unified cashier steps, and on-site guidance to stallholders.Coinciding with China’s vigorous implementation of digital transformation, the new round of transformation of Zhongguling Night Market not only improves the infrastructure, but also gives full play to the clustering effect of night economy and combines the existing resource advantages of the region to vigorously promote the development of smart business circle and night economy.”Through the two-way integration of ‘online + offline’ and ‘to the store + home’, we will realize the multi-terminal contact of business flow and people flow, and build zhuzhou into a civilized demonstration block that concentrates the history of Zhuzhou and gathers the characteristic culture, and become a bright name card of the whole province and even the whole country.”Yang Wanrong said.For example, from the offline entity digitization, consumers can order in advance on mobile terminals;Booths can achieve digital lightweight management and access to smart devices to provide more intelligent services and improve consumer experience satisfaction.Cultivate the net red business stall owners, the bell drum Ling night market into Zhuzhou net red card.As an industrial developer of aviation and apparel industries, the transformation and upgrading of Zhongguling night Market is only the beginning of the new Lusong Group to expand and strengthen lusong Apparel market group this year.Next, the new Lusong group will focus on creating lusong clothing market group wisdom business circle project.The project will build a smart business circle operation platform, promote the transaction settlement platform, offline services online, to achieve unified payment and settlement, unified operation services, unified data management.At the same time, relying on the digital platform, we can timely capture merchant operation data and merchant credit data, build merchant big data evaluation classification model, support market owners to carry out fine classification management of merchants, and improve the market operation level.Lusong group said that through a series of digital means, the development of digital economy, will boost lusong clothing market group coruscated new vitality, and will take this as an opportunity, through creating lusong clothing market group wisdom business circle, with scientific and technological innovation means to boost zhuzhou clothing industry high-quality development.

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