Beijing fangshan court issued a “ten million yuan” reward notice for information on the four cars

In 2013, the owners of a mom-and-pop shop approached Mr. Ma in Beijing’s Fangshan district, saying their company was struggling and asking for help.Mr Ma lent him 19 million yuan to tide him over.Can let a person do not think of is, the money was borrowed, borrower Li Xin couple times however breach of contract, refuse to return money, even 3 times trouble on the court.The court ordered the couple to return interest and principal, but they have yet to do so.On February 16, Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Executive bureau of Beijing Fangshan Court that Mr. Ma had applied to submit a reward notice, offering a reward for 4 cars under the name of Li Xin and his wife, and promised that if anyone provided clues and successfully executed, they would pay 25% of the reward amount.Ma said his friends, Li Xin and Xi Yanan, run a mom-and-pop business, with Li Xin acting as the legal representative.In 2013 and 2014, Li Xin borrowed 20 million yuan from Mr. Ma on several occasions on the grounds that the company was in urgent need of money. During this period, both parties notarized the loan, mortgage and obligatory debt documents for 4 sums of money.In the following six months, Li paid the loan interest according to the contract, but stopped paying it back after June 2015.Subsequently, Mr. Ma took the IOU to Find Li Xin, after the negotiation of both sides, determined that as of October 8, 2015, Li Xin’s company still owes Mr. Ma 20 million yuan, overdue interest of more than 420,000 yuan, liquidated damages of 7.015 million yuan.And find Xi Yanan, signed the unlimited joint liability commitment letter.But even if they signed the letter of commitment, Li xin and his wife still failed to repay the debt as promised, but find various reasons to evade.Until July 30, 2018, only part of the debt was paid, and then refused to pay.Mr Ma has no choice but to the other party to Beijing Fangshan court.Court, him with XiYaNan argued that Mr Ma several times to borrow money, a total of 17.25 million yuan, only received loan principal do not agree with the amount actually received, to charge “beheadings of breath”, in violation of the law mandatory provisions, disrupting the financial management order and confirmation of the loan contract and relevant, and shall be deemed to be null and void.Him, moreover, the couple said they have returned more than 17.37 million yuan, while their more than 300 ten thousand yuan worth of commercial house also have been used by Mr Ma to occupy, thinks Mr Ma real purpose is to the right to use land held by him and his wife, and the ground shall be assigned, the behavior in accord with the routine credit behavior characteristics, has been suspected of criminal offenses, shall be transferred to public security organs.At the same time, Li xin and his wife believe that they are shareholders of the company and the guarantee period in the letter of commitment signed by them has exceeded, so they should not bear the guarantee responsibility.However, the court finally found out that Li xin and his wife borrowed 20 million yuan from Ma In seven installments. The loan term was one year, the annual interest rate was 20%, and the penalty was 5% per day.After verification by the court, it was found that the actual loan delivered in the seventh period was 19 million yuan, and the loans from the first to the sixth period were in default as stipulated in the Loan Contract or repayment Agreement.According to the agreement of both parties, Mr. Ma has the right to declare the loan to be due in advance and collect all the loans that are due and not yet due.The court heard that the borrower should return the loan in accordance with the agreed period, Li Xin, Xi Yanan assume joint and several liability, according to the evidence of the trial, li Xin company still owes Mr. Ma loans 18.14 million yuan has not returned, overdue interest and liquidated damages more than 959,000 yuan has not been paid, the facts are clear.In the end, the court ordered Li Xin and Xi Yanan to repay the loan of 18.14 million yuan within 10 days, and based on this base, according to the annual interest rate of 24 percent to pay interest.Later, Li Xin and Xi Yanan refused to accept the appeal to the Beijing No. 2 Middle Court and Beijing High Court.But both convictions were upheld.However, up to now, Li Xin and his wife have not fulfilled the legal obligations determined by the effective judgment documents, and the amount of the target has not been fulfilled is more than 19.259 million yuan, and the applicant’s rights and interests have not been realized so far.Mr. Ma submitted the reward announcement application to the Executive Board of Beijing Fangshan Court on February 15, 2020.After the application, the court decided to execute on the property of Li Xin and Xi Yanan public reward report, and issued a reward execution announcement.According to the announcement, Li Xin, male, 34 years old, registered permanent residence in Xingfang Street, Chengguan Street, Fangshan District, Beijing.Now we collect a conquering car with license plate number of Beijing QA23V0 under the name of the party concerned;A Volkswagen with license plate number N2WU25 and a Mercedes Benz with license plate number AC3560.Xi Yanan, female, 34 years old, often lives in Xingfang Street, Chengguan Street, Fangshan District, Beijing.Now we collect a Volvo car with license plate number of Beijing CEA027 under the name of the party concerned.It is understood that if there are enthusiastic people to report the above property clues, and successfully executed by the court.The applicant promises to pay 25% of the amount of the reward according to the vehicle auction and execution.By Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Haoxiong

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