Big projects to develop new driving forces

The beginning of the year of the Tiger is a critical moment for the beginning of the beginning.According to the new 2022 key project plan released by Guangzhou, the total investment of 780 key projects in the city is 4.55 trillion yuan, and the annual planned investment is 364 billion yuan, forming a benign dynamic development pattern of “one batch of construction, one batch of production, one batch of reserve, one batch of planning”.A year’s plan begins in spring.Live up to this good spring, only a year of good harvest.The high-quality development of manufacturing industry is the foundation of high-quality economic development and the key strategic support for building a modern socialist country in an all-round way.At the same time, the manufacturing industry is also an important embodiment of the city’s creativity, competitiveness and comprehensive strength.Focusing on the high-level construction of international business center, comprehensive transportation hub, science, technology, education and culture center, guangzhou’s key projects this year show the characteristics of excellent structure, large quantity and high quality, aiming to provide strong and important support for building strategic fulcrum of new development pattern.China’s economic development is facing the triple pressure of demand contraction, supply shock and weakening expectation. Guangzhou firmly maintains its strategic focus, makes a steady start, leads the development of manufacturing industry with large projects and platforms, and strives to provide important support for improving the city’s energy level and core competitiveness.We must focus on the industrial structure and improve the quality and efficiency of manufacturing.The resilience of Guangzhou’s economic development is strong, thanks to the solid foundation of the manufacturing industry.Sow today’s big project, cultivate tomorrow’s industrial tree.Especially in this year, Guangzhou firmly grasp the “adhere to the industry first, the manufacturing industry to establish the city”, planning to arrange 332 industrial construction projects, the annual planned investment of 93.6 billion yuan, in order to build a more competitive modern industrial system, to continue to promote high-quality economic development into a strong momentum.Among 278 official industrial construction projects, 128 are strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing projects.We will make consistent and sustained efforts to strengthen emerging pillar industries, strengthen emerging competitive industries, and plan for future industries.Guangzhou will give full play to the industrial leading role of large projects and platforms, help to form a more complete industrial chain system, foster more ecology-oriented enterprises, accelerate the construction of independent and controllable industrial ecology, and promote the three major changes of manufacturing quality, efficiency and power.We need to focus on the innovation system to inject lasting impetus into the manufacturing industry.High-quality development is supported by high-quality projects.To create a good project, to achieve a new growth point;Only by creating good projects can we create new poles of growth.Today, a new round of technological and industrial revolution is reshaping the global innovation landscape and economic structure, creating favorable opportunities for higher quality development of manufacturing.Guangzhou focuses on the field of innovative infrastructure, with artificial intelligence and digital Economy Pilot Zone, Pearl Science Park of Chinese Academy of Sciences as the carrier, to build cutting-edge science and technology infrastructure group at a high level, and promote the construction of southern Marine Science and Engineering Laboratory, Aviation Tire Science Center, Lingnan Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Laboratory and other projects.The construction of these innovation carrier platforms will effectively promote the precise docking and deep integration of the innovation chain, enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, enhance the ability of regional collaborative innovation, and further consolidate the development foundation of guangzhou’s real economy.It is necessary to focus on the institutional environment and accelerate the pace of high-quality development of manufacturing industry.The seed of hope cannot leave the fertile soil.Business environment is precisely the soil for the survival and development of enterprises, which is directly related to the vitality of urban economic development.A large number of major industrial projects have taken root, which shows that The superior business environment in Guangzhou continues to release vitality and the agglomeration effect of projects is constantly emerging.From the launch of version 1.0 of the business environment reform in 2018 to the launch of version 5.0 of the business environment reform in the spring of this year, Guangzhou has been working hard to strengthen the soil for development and maintain the momentum of development.When government service innovation is no longer limited to the limit of the index breakthrough, the reform of Guangzhou’s business environment will activate the market players in a three-dimensional and all-round way, and open up a broader space for the release of development vitality.Time waits for no man, and history waits for no man.The next five years will be the stage for Guangzhou to build a solid foundation and build a platform to realize the new vitality of the old city and the “four new achievements”.Guangzhou to give full play to the national center for cities and comprehensive portal leading role, strengthen the construction of major platform planning, foster ascension economic center, science and technology innovation, hub portal, integrated services, urban and rural integration function, in promoting the comprehensive urban functions on the new brilliant hard work, self-motivated, and step by step, the map of xi jinping, general secretary for our beautiful blueprint into reality.”The Year of the Tiger starts manufacturing and establishes the City” series of comments/Guangzhou Daily commentator Yang Botu/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter Mo Weinong guangzhou Daily · New Flower City editor Hu Jun

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