Chen Meng is too busy for the New Year!He visited his teacher with his parents, got together with Huang Xiaoming and dated Ren Jialun

In the past six months, Chinese table tennis players have been very busy, and the competitions have never stopped. Finally, they have a chance to rest until the Spring Festival holiday.However, Chinese New Year does not mean being idle. For athletes who have not been home for a long time, visiting relatives and friends is a required course.During the Spring Festival, Olympic champion Chen Meng, her parents, and her junior school sister Wang Xiaotong went to pay New Year’s greetings to her teacher. She also took photos with her cousin Huang Xiaoming, and went back to the training stadium where she was a child with her friend Ren Jialun.Chen’s mentor, Dong Xi, was her first coach.When Chen Meng was still a child, Dong Xi saw at a glance that she had extraordinary potential, coupled with training never lazy, often than others to pay 2, 3 times the effort, the future will be able to become great.Sure enough, Chen Meng is now the no. 1 singles player of National Women’s Table Tennis Team and has won the Olympic gold medal. Dong Xi’s vision is right.In spite of this, Chen Meng is still the first time to send New Year’s greetings to her first coach. We can see that she is a good young person who knows how to be grateful, and this quality is worth learning from everyone.Chen meng also appeared with her parents at her teacher’s club, during which the three of them took a photo together.Dong Xi is still working as a coach at the grassroots club. The players did not have a rest during the Spring Festival. After hearing of Chen Meng’s arrival, they asked to take photos with Chen Meng one after another.Chen meng tries her best to meet the demands of her juniors, because she knows how hard it is to rise from an unknown player to success.In the training base, Chen meng also played an exhibition game with her mother, explaining tactics to the young players. Although she has become a top star, she does not have the AIRS of a star, which makes everyone very touched.It is worth mentioning that apart from being a member of the National Ping Team, Chen Meng is better known as Huang Xiaoming’s cousin.As we all know, Huang xiaoming is one of the top pop stars in China. Recently, he was on the hot list because of his divorce. This time, the brother and sister reunited after a long time, and posted a photo together.After the Olympics, Huang xiaoming promised to cook for his cousin, but they were busy with their work. It was more than half a year before they could meet.2021 proved to be a successful year for Chen, who rocketed to gold MEDALS in women’s singles and team at the Tokyo Olympics to cement her position as the world’s no. 1 singles player.However, after winning the Gold medal in the Olympic Games, Chen Meng seemed to fall into a low point. First, she failed in the National Games, and then she failed in the World Table Tennis Championships and the World Cup. Although she won the table tennis super champion on behalf of the club, her performance in singles was really poor, which caused doubts from the outside world.However, it cannot be denied that Chen Meng is still the strongest women’s singles player in the world. Both Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu need more time to grow up. In the next Olympic period, Chen Meng will still be the core of the National Women’s Table Tennis team.

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