Funny and slightly inverted comics, not only unexpected, but also overturned situations appear

There are some small comics that don’t know the end until the end. Although they look short and sharp, their reversal Angle often makes people feel very new.Just like this group of interesting cartoons brought by the artist today, if you don’t see the last frame, it may be difficult for you to understand what the artist wants to express a theme.Actually almost everything in life has at least two sides multifaceted, even in this case to fully to grasp the overall development of a thing, is a not easy thing, especially for the small is good at drawing comic cartoons division, it’s hard to guess this time he’s point of view or conception by which one aspect.What’s more, the drawing materials of these cartoonists are always close to life. The so-called art comes from life, so they often choose some small stories that we are very familiar with in life to express some feelings of life in our hearts.As a matter of fact, like these painters, they are often middle-aged, over the age of no more than 40, some of the experience of life will be more profound.At this time, if he is like a middle-aged man who has come over, to some young people or even some children to tell some of the great truth of life is worth listening to.But for most people to listen to reason is a dull and boring thing, sometimes it is easier for a rebellious attitude, so in the face of such situation, might as well in the form of comics, will own the feeling some of life is blended in among them, not only can play at the same time because of the way used by humorous and easy, tend to be very popular.In fact, small comics like this type are very popular on some Websites in Europe and the United States. Many artists will join them and create several pieces of their own works as soon as they are inspired. These comics can be called god inversion in general, and they usually do not exceed 4 panels.The themes of these cartoons are often colorful, which can be said to surprise the audience. Moreover, many plots involve all aspects of life. Especially, in the last frame, the protagonist often overturned his car, which is very interesting.These simple and funny plots often run through some two-dimensional works, even if the fighting scenes are explosive, and the world view setting is relatively cruel, for example, such as Naruto such a full-length passionate youth manga, in fact, there will be some easy and funny daily drama between the big chapters.Many of these daily plots are similar to the small inspirations in life brought by the cartoonist. In fact, they all contain some inspirations of life from the cartoonist behind them, although it is difficult to form a main plot to put these inspirations together coherently.But if it is a noodle bowl or a daily sitcom, these seemingly incoherent funny plots can form a series of very funny and humorous stories, and when the audience watches them, they will not only bring enough jokes to make the audience laugh.What’s more, it’s not that nothing is left after a smile. Often, the feedback about life contained in the works will be left in the mind of the audience unconsciously. Perhaps this is the best gift for young people.

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