Hand in the township held the first orchard frost prevention and disaster reduction technology training

In order to promote the solid apple blossom anti-freezing work, effectively enhance cadres’ ability and quality, enhance the ability to serve the people, further promote the township fruit industry to improve quality and efficiency, fruit farmers to increase income and get rich, April 2, hand in the township organization of all village leaders and village cadres held the first phase of orchard anti-freezing disaster reduction technology training meeting.Training will communicate learning the county agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation work headquarters office no. 1 (59) work instructions regarding the orchard antifreeze pit digging built and anti-freezing notice of emergency measures, comprehensive in-depth analysis on the antifreeze pit digging matters need to pay attention to in the process of building and prone to error, material reserve, temperature monitoring, smoke frost time, post-disaster remedy, etc.,The problems encountered and experience gained in the process of the recent anti-freezing work are discussed and shared.Participating cadres have said that through this training, the orchard frost prevention and disaster reduction technology has a further understanding and mastery, can better guide, mobilize and serve the masses, to ensure that the orchard frost prevention and disaster reduction measures to implement the fine fall in place.After the meeting, the participants went deep into the village group for the first time, returned to the front line of orchard anti-freezing disaster reduction, continued to promote anti-freezing pit digging and construction and other anti-freezing measures, strengthen publicity and training and mobilize the masses, go all out to win the anti-freezing war during apple flowering.

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