How does junior high school culture promote ability of record of formal schooling not affect the job?

For many low-educated on-the-job personnel, although they know that upgrading education is an urgent way to solve the bottleneck of the current stage of the workplace, but they are worried that it will affect their work, so they put it off.In fact, if you want to improve your education without affecting your work, there are still some ways. Then, how can junior high school culture improve your education without affecting your work?How does junior high school culture promote ability of record of formal schooling not affect the job?Without affecting the work of the situation through the self-examination to improve education, can choose the amateur system or network system method.The study methods of self-examination amateur system and self-examination network system have the nature of work-study, the former belongs to face-to-face teaching mode, the latter is through network equipment for teaching.(1) self-examination amateur system.Students only need to attend classes at designated places. They can work normally from Monday to Friday to effectively solve problems between work and study. It is suitable for on-the-job personnel who have two days off on weekends.(2) Self-examination network system.Oneself as long as there is a computer network system, network, can be anywhere online learning in class, no time and space constraints, so students don’t have to worry about sudden task upset their own learning plan, after finish work, spare time, at home, in the company, can learn in the hotel, is suitable for the staff, no stable rest time such as freelance workers.Examinee can choose the appropriate learning mode according to their own situation.However, need to remind examinee is, although these two kinds of learning methods have teaching function, but a face-to-face teaching mode, a distance teaching mode, adapt to the crowd is very different.People with strong self-control can choose their own way of learning, but people with weak self-control suggest to choose self-examination amateur system, because there is no teacher in the self-examination network class teaching, it is difficult to play the function of supervision, easy to let the weak self-control candidates have slack psychology, so as to affect learning.

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