“National tide” shines on the stage of the Winter Olympics, witnessing the rise of “Chinese wisdom”

2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing, is not only athletes competitive arena, but also the Chinese enterprise and brand focus on stage – with beautiful, comfortable, warm and waterproof performance of anta “champion dragon”, as the prototype design with national treasure panda mascot “ice mound mound”, by athletes from all over the world popular snack brand, hope the food…From venue facilities to sports equipment, peripheral products to auxiliary equipment, Ubiquitous Chinese brands have become a beautiful scene at the Beijing Winter Olympics.The “national tide” is in full bloom at the Beijing Winter Olympics.From manufacturing to brand building, from following to running and even leading, Chinese brands show extraordinary strength. More and more Chinese brands go to the world, and more and more high-quality domestic brands and original designs are seen, experienced and recognized.It is gratifying to see that promoting local brands to become bigger and stronger is inseparable from national development.According to public information, the Organizing committee of the Beijing Winter Olympics has signed up nearly 50 corporate sponsors, covering banking, dairy products, insurance, aviation, sports apparel, mobile and fixed communication services and other industries.It is gratifying that most of the sponsors are local, and even the surrounding advertisements of the Venues of the Winter Olympics show obvious Chinese characteristics, which also reflects China’s rapid economic development and growing national strength from the side.What is more, the Chinese brands featured in this Winter Olympics are not only “Made in China” but also “made in China”.A curling arena that realizes intelligent control of energy consumption, a portable intelligent translation device that makes communication barrier-free, and an intelligent robot that serves athletes throughout the whole process…Many bright and cool smart products shone brightly at the Beijing Winter Olympics, not only becoming a strong support to ensure the progress of the games, but also reflecting the firm figure of Made-in-China to make progress towards Made-in-China.Smart devices are playing a big role in venue construction and operation.Through the distribution of numerous temperature and humidity detectors for intelligent monitoring, “Water Cube” to complete the gorgeous turn to “ice Cube”;The Data center of Beijing Winter Olympics Cloud built on Alibaba Cloud can realize the full cloud of the core systems such as competition results, organization and management, and competition broadcasting, making the event organization more intelligent.All kinds of intelligent robots have also become a beautiful scenery of the Beijing Winter Olympics…Thus, “National tide” shines on the stage of the Winter Olympics, witnessing the rise of “China’s wisdom”.China’s strength, wisdom and spirit are not only reflected in daily life, but also in the Olympic Games.Participating in the Winter Olympic Games is a good opportunity for China to show its wisdom and also a test to improve itself.The venue of the Winter Olympics is not only a sports arena, but also a testing ground for cutting-edge technology.”Made in China” shines in the Olympic Games, showing the strength, but also shows the continuous improvement of The competitiveness of Chinese brands.(Eastday)

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