Public schools have been reported to have turned into profit-making institutions, and the Education bureau of Tianmen city, Hubei Province, has suspended meal provision

On February 15, parents of public school students in Tianmen city, Hubei Province, reported that all public school canteens were closed, and the meals provided by schools were centralized by for-profit organizations outside.According to parents, school meals used to cost 3.5 yuan for breakfast and 6.5 yuan for lunch.Now, without discussing with parents, we use outside institutions to provide meals, and the meal cost has doubled, and the delivery fee is one yuan more. The meal cost for junior middle school students is thousands of yuan a month. Moreover, the person on the left in the promotional video does not wear a mask, and the person on the right wears a mask directly around his neck.
, on February 15, tianmen city bureau of education, according to the response to save resources, improve service quality, ensure food safety for students and balanced, in July 2021, the city bureau of education organization city school principal out after the inspection, intends to draw lessons from wuhan, yichang, xiangyang, students focus on feeding experience, some compulsory education schools in urban areas for concentrated feeding.In November 2021, The Municipal Bureau of Education released the government procurement intention and procurement announcement (project number: ZLZXTM2021-CG15) on the Hubei Provincial Government Procurement website.Through expert evaluation, xiangyang Kangying Catering Service Co., Ltd. is determined to be a centralized catering enterprise (hubei Tianshangchao Catering Service Co., Ltd. is registered in our city).The enterprise has the qualification of A level of supervision quantitative classification issued by the food supervision department, and has the qualification of nutritional meal distribution for professional students.Recently, some schools that plan to provide centralized meal service issued a notice to parents, which aroused concern. Some parents do not understand and question the centralized meal service.In response to social concerns, the education Bureau decided to suspend the centralized meal offering and provide meals to students in the original mode, while actively communicating with parents.(Reporter Jia Fan Editor He Caimei)

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