Shen Teng “wash mouth” partner into Jia Ling, Ma Li was forced to “out”?Wang Qi plans to have a second child

Shen Teng “wash mouth” partner into Jia Ling, Ma Li was forced to “out”?Wang Qi plans to have a second child.Shen Teng got hemorrhoids because of playing games, a blessing in disguise to open drama life, do you dare to believe?Shen Teng “wash mouth” after the event, side partner from Ma Li into Jia Ling, the reason for all this is really because of wang Qi jealous?Wang Qi shen Teng 12 years, the whole family before marriage take turns to urge marriage, Shen Teng program affectionate high-profile proposal is forced but not heart?It is reported that in 2000, Shen Teng met his wife Wang Qi when he was a junior. At that time, Shen Teng was arranged as a stage performance coach because of his outstanding performance in acting class. He was responsible for teaching performance experience to younger students.A rehearsal, Wang Qi to play a shrewish daughter-in-law, and Shen Teng to play her husband, two people on the stage when the performance, Wang Qi took the opportunity to scold Shen Teng a few words, after stepping down Shen Teng gas but find the opportunity to detest Wang Qi 1: you act on acting, pouting what butt?”I was born with this butt.Because the positioned two people have the fate, a 16-year period of 12 years of courtship is about to begin, the middle because Shen Teng lazy once almost break up, graduated from the university of Shen Teng because of domestic condition optimum, not worry about the future development, so near the school rented a house, began to crazy playing video games, the room can’t pick up more,At ordinary times garbage bags flying in the room, Wang Qi often visit Shen Teng to clean up some.Shen Teng because addicted to playing games in the show since the explosion, because a long time to play games sitting in a chair still got hemorrhoids, Wang Qi after put down work to accompany Shen Teng to the hospital for surgery, but also because the hemorrhoids surgery opened shen Teng drama life.Shen Teng surgery is not long to go to the audition, to the cast after all the actors are sitting straight, but Shen Teng Geyou lie, by the director’s appreciation smoothly through the audition, but shen Teng ge You lie because hemorrhoids after surgery is too painful, can not sit straight.Later period had the Shen Teng after fame, cooperative partner is Ma Li all the time, and genuine cummer Wang Qi jealousy is great, Shen Teng is forced to kiss Ma Li because of work effect, and Wang Qi’s reaction is to let him go home to wash his mouth, net friends have said Wang Qi is too small-minded.Wang Qi because the netizens ridicule on the hot search, the network is spreading Shen Teng and Jia Ling cooperation frequently, because to avoid suspicion and Ma Li, the truth of the matter is really so?It is reported that in a skit in 2015, Shen Teng and Ma Li in the skit because of the plot of the two people need to kiss on the stage, after the skit performance host let Wang Qi on stage, the audience of netizens heckle Wang Qi and Shen Teng kiss a, and Wang Qi said the next words to let the netizens unrelenting, ridicule Wang Qi petty.For the day of wang said that he (Shen Teng) had just kissed Mary, go back to wash your mouth, and it is this sentence caused a full success of embarrassment, then Shen Teng cooperation with Mary less and less, when two people out in the middle is a little far, this will let netizen Shen Teng with Mary before the mirror and wang comparing with those words after the state,Found that two people later did not have the past “close”.After shen Teng and Ma Li this combination became a combination of Jia Ling and Shen Teng, but Shen Teng seems to have been accustomed to the existence of Ma Li, so that Shen Teng and Jia Ling combination at the beginning, Shen Teng frequently called Jia Ling Ma Li.Mary married 2018 small his 10 years old boyfriend, most of the time to return to family, children and Shen Teng held in March 7, 2016, and wang wedding, it is reported that wang back after marry Shen Teng family, Shen Teng wife, when Shen Teng career ladder, this guy, wang give Shen Teng gave birth to a lovely son,Shen Teng old son, the son that is very spoiled, whether it is to pick up business or recording programs, movies, Shen Teng is a time to call to see his son.Shen Teng photograph of her son came from the Internet, you can see baby’s appearance is quite high, so that the netizen Shen Teng conditional word to make a paternity test, did not believe, how see Shen Teng can produce so nice baby, looks like is not with Shen Teng, a dynamic and Shen Teng sister updated, emit more photos of children, and netizens comments again stamp in the punchline:Baby chubby really cute, and Shen Teng as fat constitution, pro son no doubt.Carefully observe the little baby looks, and mother Wang Qi looks very similar, little baby smile eyes narrowed into a line, very cute, there is no genetic army grass Shen Teng gene, but like a reduced version of Wang Qi.Then Shen Teng’s sister broke the news again, Shen Teng and Wang Qi will give the baby a tiger sister in 2022, wang Qi has been actively preparing for pregnancy, and with the arrival of the second child, netizens are more and more looking forward to Shen Teng’s daughter will be what kind of appearance, after all, dad but military arts school grass.

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