The mother-in-law carries her to sell collect doll, she knows hind make a big trouble, final husband puts forward divorce however

Children, no matter how old, are still children in the eyes of their parents.So even after they are married and have children, parents still try to share as much as they can.To be able to let their children live easily, less hardship, less suffering.This idea is understandable.However, if you are unwilling to let go and even tie your life to your children’s life, sooner or later, you will have a difference of opinion due to various reasons.Over time, it may evolve into a dispute, or even contradiction.So, when necessary, parents must learn to let go.Only experience can make people grow, the road they walk, step by step.Only in this way can people become more mature and responsible.So parents must keep as much distance as possible from their children after they have settled down.Xu Yuan and Huang Jie got married for half a year. Their wedding should have been sweet and sweet.But the sudden arrival of the parents-in-law, but make their young couple’s life greatly changed.Originally, she said she would stay in the new house for a while and then go back.But the parents-in-law so live, Xu Yuan found that they did not want to go back.After living for more than half a month, Xu Yuan still does not adapt.After all, there are elders in the family, and the way of life is very different from the past, and every time she buys some clothes or express delivery, her mother-in-law will stare at her, or in some way accuse her of being too good at spending money and not managing the family.Really can not endure the situation, Xu Yuan with Huang Jie privately a total, they intend to gently advised the parents-in-law to go home to live.But the truth is, it doesn’t seem to work.Helpless, Huang Jie talked to his parents.But this time there is still no result, on the contrary, Huang Jie was also persuaded to shake some parents.”Xiaojie, you can rest assured that we won’t disturb you and Yuanyuan. We just think it’s too hard for you to go to work and cook dinner at home.So your father and I want to stay with you for a while and help with the cooking and the cleaning.”It must be said that he and his wife, Xu Yuan, feel much more relaxed after their parents’ arrival.So, after talking with his parents huang Jie went to do ideological work for Xu Yuan.Later, Xu had to accept living with her in-laws temporarily.The advantage is that it is really a little more relaxed and less worried, the disadvantage is that life is careful, afraid of a careless conflict.After living this way for several months, her mother-in-law gradually got used to this way of life, so there was no big conflict between her and Xu Yuan.One day, at the dull dinner table, the happy mother-in-law took the lead to speak, “not far from us in the park, set up a small second-hand trade market, big guys to their idle things to sell, I went to walk several times very lively.Xu Yuan saw her father-in-law and husband perfunctory a few words, she took the opportunity to talk to her mother-in-law close relationship, “That’s good, mom, you should go out more.Just like the flea market you mentioned, you can also sell some of our spare things at home to pass the time.”This sentence drew closer the relationship between her mother-in-law and Xu Yuan. The next day, before Xu Yuan went to work, her mother-in-law went up to her and asked her, “Yuan, which things are not commonly used, I will try the market.”Seeing her mother-in-law taking the initiative to get close to her, Xu took some notebooks from the bookshelf and some books she rarely read.After coming back in the evening, Xu Yuan saw her mother-in-law dejected and asked her how she was today.My mother-in-law is quite despondent and says, “I’m selling stuff that no one is looking at. It doesn’t matter.”Seeing her mother-in-law a little depressed, Xu also comforted her, “Mom, let’s just go to a lively, personal anger, and we don’t expect you to sell these things to live.”Obviously, these words xu Yuan mother-in-law did not take to heart.The next day, after she finished her housework, she decided to find something to sell.Look around, but can’t find a suitable thing.Suddenly, she thought of the small dolls she had bought in the cupboard when she was cleaning the room for her son and daughter-in-law.When she got to the front, she found it very lovely, so she took it to the second-hand market near her home.This time, there were more inquiries and more requests for the dolls.Finally, she sold the dolls for 30 yuan.On the way back, she was very happy and bought two catties of beef in the supermarket downstairs.After xu Yuan and Huang Jie came home from work, they were attracted by the delicious food with a strong aroma and praised it several times.At this time, she took the initiative to share today’s happy event with her son’s wife.But when Xu yuan heard this, she felt a little nervous, especially when she went back to her room and looked at the hand-made blind box that she had bought with a lot of money in the cupboard, her good mood was gone.At the dinner table, she did not have any appetite, but also accused her mother-in-law, “Mom, there are some things in my room, how did you move without my permission.I asked a friend and waited a long time to buy them.”At this point, the mother-in-law also a pair of unreasonable attitude said, “Yuan Yuan, that a few small dolls do not eat or drink, you put in the house what use.Besides, I sold these things for thirty dollars each, and now we’re paying for our dinner tonight with the baby money. Isn’t that something we shouldn’t do?”Xu’s anger flared when her mother-in-law told her how much she had sold it for.”In that case, MOM,” she said with a sneer, “I can tell you that I spent more than $6,000, waited months and asked my friends to help me buy this limited edition hand-made blind box.Now, they can sell for at least 10,000 yuan, and you sold 30 of them.””What?Six thousand dollars for those little things?”Her mother-in-law’s mouth dropped open in surprise.Huang Jie also criticized Xu Yuan saying, “At that time, you said that these things only cost 600 yuan?”Gradually, the quarrel between the three people evolved into a contradiction between Xu Yuan and Huang Jie.A face of unhappy Xu Yuan noisy noisy to separate, Huang Jie is open to return to his pay card, and put forward the meaning of divorce “know you so loser, I will not put the pay card in you here let you tube.””Your wife can save some of both of us’ wages every month, so you can either buy limited-edition handcrafts or buy designer handbags and clothes.As a result, you are happy, the house is full of your things, and you are satisfied.Have you thought about what we’re going to do in the future, when we have a baby?”In the face of Huang Jie’s accusations, Xu Yuan felt wronged.Because, the money that she spends all is in oneself ability range, no matter she likes hand do or buy big brand bag, will not exceed her monthly salary.So at that moment, Xu yuan questioned the meaning of his marriage for what?Is it to lower the quality of their own life, or to find someone to make trouble with them, in order to enrich the boring life?After thinking about it, Xu Yuan felt unworthy of himself.After all, it’s not my fault.Finally, I would like to ask you: where do you think is wrong in this matter?Is it mother-in-law, husband Huang Jie or wife Xu Yuan?Leave a comment

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