Alert!Children set off fireworks danger multiple!

The reporter learned from the fire and rescue Bureau of the Emergency Management department that around the Spring Festival, there have been a number of dangerous situations caused by children setting off fireworks. Firefighters suggested that children setting off fireworks alone are at risk and need to be accompanied by family members.A car fire in Huangyao Town, Zhaoping County, Hezhou city, Guangxi province, was caused by children setting off fireworks around 2 PM on February 10.Video display in public places:On February 10, 14 points 18 points for 30 seconds, there are four little boy came a white car side of the hall, firecrackers were used on empty lots that were out of 14 points in the 19th minute 30 seconds, the children around the white car side, two of the little boy has threw lit fireworks directly to the front of the car, trying to escape from the little boy firecrackers release pieces it is not hard to see,The power of firecrackers is not small.In the next few minutes, the children have been in the vicinity of firecrackers, until 14:23:10, fireworks released after the smoke cleared, the front of the white car is still vaguely smoke;At 14:25.10, a man dressed in black walked past the fire. However, he did not seem to notice the fire.It was not until 14:26 and 15 that several young boys who had been setting off firecrackers nearby noticed the fire and left after they failed to put it out with buckets of water;At 14:45 and 53 seconds, the fire changed from smoldering to open flames and spread quickly. Firefighters were alerted by nearby residents to bring the fire under control.A similar car fire broke out in Haidong, Qinghai province.You can see it through the video in public places:On January 31, 24 points, 8 PM eastern qinghai province about a residential area with several children in fireworks, at this moment, the dangerous scene, a spark from the sky, fall under a car directly, and quickly release a large number of sparks, directly to the car ignition, timely to fire fighting, the residents around the fire to spread.In addition to the safety risks of setting off fireworks in some public places, parents should also teach their children not to set off fireworks at home or in some buildings, as these places are more likely to cause fires due to the high amount of flammable and combustible materials.It is even more dangerous to set off fireworks in rooms where there are piles of debris.More than 5 PM on January 31, 18 points, jiangxi yingtan help residents housing which are four children in the fireworks, then a little boy with a lit fireworks go directly to the door to the room, the other three children followed, found that after a fire, four children have left the scene, then spread the fire in the room,Firefighters arrived and quickly put out the fire.Children must be accompanied by adults When setting off fireworks because children are not aware of the possible harm of setting off fireworks, they must be accompanied by adults when setting off fireworks.So, just how hot a spark from a firework is, and how fast it ignites quilts and clothes, take a look at an experiment conducted by firefighters in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.Wang Yin, fire cause investigator of Nanjing Fire Rescue Detachment: Fireworks produce a lot of heat in the setting off process.We found by thermal imaging that its surface temperature has reached nearly 300 degrees.We put fireworks on the quilt, and we know that cotton burns at 150 degrees, and cloth burns between 270 and 300 degrees.We’ve seen sparks burn holes in our quilts as they fall and heat up, further igniting our quilts.We can see that in just ten seconds, the quilt has been on fire.Setting off fireworks indoors is highly likely to ignite our bedsheets, bedding, sofas and other indoor combustibles, causing a fire.Firefighters remind that if you find a fire in your home, you should deal with it in time according to the size of the fire.Wang Yin, fire cause investigator of Nanjing Fire Rescue Detachment: A fire was found at this time, and water and other items were available for disposal.If the fire is big, you should escape immediately and call 119 to report to the police.Firefighters hint, because children may not know enough about the harm of setting off fireworks, it is easy to go to some prohibited places, so children playing fireworks to be accompanied by adults, so that danger is timely and properly handled.Wang Yin, fire cause investigator of Nanjing Fire Rescue Detachment: When the sparks from fireworks splash on our clothes, especially our down jackets, it is easy to burn holes, and the heat will cause clothes to catch fire.You can see that the down jacket on the child caught fire, which at this time posed a great threat to our child’s life.Source: China Fire Protection Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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