Cristiano Ronaldo’s birthday: through the years of perseverance and fighting spirit, from the debut stage to become a monument

The ancients taught us that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.Although the words are very simple, the truth contained in them is profound and wise.For all living things, it is wise to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and then to develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. It is the way to survive, but also the way to balance.In football, however, have so a person, from the age of seven of the cub, started to 17 ornate, peak, to 27 sites until li-an (37), he can always maintain the best, he can always get the praise and respect, he always don’t relax to own request, he in the world of football, got nearly all of the honor,Wrote his own legendary life.Under his efforts, “fame and wealth more” is the norm, the golden ball and Mr. Gold cup, with the world’s most fans and the daily gold business, he is the boy’s dream;In his dictionary, “impossible” is a word that does not exist, from elegant to efficient, and then to practical supremacy, his style has gained everything, no matter league, Champions League or national team, he is the idol of fans;In his world, “happy family” is also an important pursuit direction, and Georgina’s story, accompany mini Luo growth by the outside world with delight, “fish and bear’s paw” have fallen into the bag, he is the winner of life, “can not have both” law seems to be broken.This is the true god of football cristiano Ronaldo.At the age of 37 and still at the top of world football, Cristiano Ronaldo’s career and life trajectory are undoubtedly successful, glorious, legendary and far from the point of “stop”.His tank is still full, and his 37 is still something to look forward to.As we all know, the development of sports career is not “evenly distributed” from the beginning of the game to the retirement, but similar to the normal distribution of highlights and lows.For most athletes, especially football players with high requirements for physical fitness, in the twilight of their career, especially after the age of 30, the decline of their overall state and personal level is an inevitable law.Even the unrivaled Kings of the past find it difficult to evade this law of nature.The beauty of youth, compared with the embarrassment of retirement, reflects the ever-changing world.For Ronaldo, though, the challenge is that the man who has been with him since the first day of his career and who has managed to get both his fish and his fish perfectly under his wing is also trying to delay the realisation of football’s normal distribution until later.At the age of 36, at least, he’s still the same, the same king we all know, the same no. 7 legend who scored a ton of goals.Even if you change colors, even if you change ownership.For legends, the sea of stars is still an unforgotten dream;Even though he has traveled far and wide, even though he has already achieved success.It is hard to come by a gumption that comes from a pure love of football.After your 36th birthday party, I still remember you were in great form. When you were trying to win the championship, you made many threats and scored a goal in more than ten minutes, breaking through the defense of your arch-rivals Roma.Just a month later, you scored a hat-trick and helped your team score three points.Impressed by the summit game against Inter, you quickly attacked and calmly scored, giving Juve a perfect start to the points campaign;In the European Cup, you fought and carried the team forward;You try your best to get your country into the finals by yourself.The game against Newcastle was a glorious homecoming for you, and no. 7 was still the master of the place, with a clever back-shot and a high speed forward and back goal.In the Champions League, you saved the red devils several times and got them back into the knockout stages.There are too many memories, this is 36 years old you, this is the king of unyielding shooter.From nervous and shy at the beginning of the race, to the angry horse in fresh clothes on the way to the altar, to the legendary glory of building a monument, the passing of time will not change your enterprising style, even though you are already old, even though you have been for several years.You’re still you. You’re a legend.In 365 days of his 36 years, Cristiano has made 58 appearances on the pitch (35 in Serie A and epl, 2 in coppa Italia, 14 for national team and 7 in the Champions League).Ronaldo’s 40 goals are his answer.Still efficient, still reliable.He was apennine’s unrivably leading scorer and brought his story back to the theatre of dreams;Key moment he can also fresh clothes angry horse, armband legend, still live up to every minute of time and time.When won the football special award of the moment, we suddenly realized that the original accompany us through the years of the president, has achieved so much;From chasing his dream, to becoming a legend, from accompanying famous names, to becoming a leader, from embarking on a journey, to becoming a monument, Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved football glory.From the age of 36 to 37, only the numbers have changed, but the same is ronaldo’s pursuit and enterprising heart.The moment he returned to Old Trafford, the moment he stepped on the stage again and scored a goal and celebrated, football seemed to return to a decade ago, a time full of hope and energy.This is decades of persistence in exchange for a miracle, this is still hundreds of battles as the beginning of the struggle to build a monument.Perhaps there really is no genius and winner in the world, diligence and hard work accompanied by unyielding spirit, this is his success “shortcut”.Discipline and persistence are easy to say, but hard to do. It takes practice, day in and day out, and making the right choices at the right time.For a football legend, every move is magnified and there are so many things to consider every single day.It is not easy to survive 37 years in such a complicated time.At the beginning of Ronaldo’s arrival in Apennine, the uncertainty of his choice, along with the clarity of his goal, became a stumbling block that made him uncertain and wavering at times.Agnelli is working with the Portuguese with one goal in mind and that is to win the Uefa Champions League cup.Whether Ronaldo made the right choice to come here has been hotly debated since day one.Three years have not been easy for Cristiano Ronaldo.Especially in the twilight of your career, it becomes harder and harder to make a choice.The manager’s choice at crucial moments in the final rounds of last season made it clear to ronaldo that he might no longer be the bianconeri’s man.In his quiet moments on the bench, Ronaldo probably thought a lot and understood a lot.He still managed to score 29 goals in 33 games;Although, he can still help his team dream more in the Champions League;Still, he is the most reliable scorer in the league.But the mind has changed, and the mind has changed.The unhappiness of 36 ends there!Ronaldo said to himself.Finally, after much discussion and reflection, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes gave their answer.It was ferguson’s phone call that changed his mind and the old trafford dream that renewed his confidence.Go home, this is the word that can make every wanderer excited;Back to the past, this is to let wandering people outside, eyes moist moment.From August 31, 2018 to August 31, 2021, Ronaldo ended more than three unhappy years at Juventus.Returning to the place where the dream began, Ronaldo is also hoping to recreate the past.Memory is so beautiful, memories always let people heartache.Dream theater is not only the stage for dreaming, but also the place of dream reincarnation.There are so many miracles, so many unforgettable, indelible moments.The game against Newcastle united on September 11, 2021 will mark the stage.Cristiano ronaldo!After more than a decade, the familiar name appeared again in the united team roster, so many memories and good memories came back, as if they had never left.Cristiano Ronaldo, who has had a taste for life’s sweetness and astringency, knows the meaning of his return.Back home, he is trying to get rid of the fate of the trick, when the unspeakable moved and the excitement of the game into one, when all the feelings are mixed and integrated, no more thinking is necessary, no more thinking is not worth it.Scoring is the only answer, winning is the only reward, Cristiano ronaldo understands the meaning of return, Cristiano ronaldo knows his value.The difficulty of looking at the distant mountain, the difficulty of walking around the corner, all disappeared in the 47th minute when a team-mate’s shot let the Newcastle keeper slip away, and Ronaldo’s cool, smart thrust shot past the king of the ball as time stood still.Running Ronaldo wanton celebration, like more than 20 years old he so high profile, so natural and unrestrained;The wrinkles between the canthus could not wear away the sacred light of the eyes as before. The joy that had not been seen for a long time welled up in his heart. The Portuguese once again realized the warmth that only home could bring to him.Let my world from now on to you as the axis, happy you happy sad you sad, just like, never left.It’s not easy. 37 has its challenges. It would be nice if the story stopped there.But the clock is ticking, and after the exhilarating spectacle, the day must go on.Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to the Red Devils has not been all plain sailing, with plenty of challenges awaiting him and a team still in the process of discovery.It needs a whetstone (refining) and grounding (experience) to forge ahead, Ronaldo and the team’s road ahead, will not be very calm.Five goals in his first five games since his return was ronaldo’s achievement, and it was enough to shine.However, the team’s play is not good enough, in the fierce competition of various events, is not too dominant.This can be urgent bad solskaya, the pressure on him, in this season, the problem seems to have doubled, how to arrange personnel, how to adjust tactics, how to arrange the system, he did not have the answer.On a Champions League track in particular, another exit is unacceptable, but the intensity of the match did not give United much of an advantage.In this urgent moment, it is Cristiano Ronaldo stepped forward, let them see the hope of victory.Bern youth goal, just the beginning of the force;A winner in the 95th minute, which gave Villarreal a fatal blow;The Portuguese ace scored crucial goals in both games against Atalanta to help his side remain unbeaten.Against Villarreal again, it was Cristiano Ronaldo who opened the door to victory and put united back where they should have been in the next round.Ronaldo did his best, but two fists were no match for four.After humiliating defeats at Leicester and Liverpool, united had a dramatic departure and the whole set-up was shaken up.The new answer to the German’s arrival in the team, Ronaldo again welcomed a mentor, he will start a new chapter of his career.Keeping it up at 37 is hard, and getting back up is even harder.But you can still count on the unyielding Portuguese, who has weathered the storm and matured, to do his best to help the team forward, just like yesterday.The winter break gave the team a chance to breathe and cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his birthday.After the rest of the season, important games are coming up, with middlesbrough, Southampton and seagull to ensure that the team can keep up the score, they can not waste the opportunity, and Ronaldo will surely take up the role of leader again to lead the team forward.The subsequent match against Atletico was the stage for Ronaldo to play against a team he “loved” and knew well, and he knew how to go further.Although, the opening did not go well lost the penalty is a bit of a pity.At 37, Ronaldo still has important tasks ahead of him and the most important tournament in 2022 – the World Cup.With Portugal forced to compete against Italy and many other teams, Ronaldo has a tough task ahead of him. Having won the top of Europe twice, he wants to shine on the world stage, which is also expected by Portuguese people.Ronaldo, who has won the Champions League, league and individual awards in his career, has also won the Intercontinental Gold Cup, but the lure of the World Cup is too great, and he will surely give everything he has as he approaches his twilight years.This is a personal quest and what the armband is all about.But how easy is that?The 36-year-old cristiano Ronaldo is leading his on-paper team-mates to the euro 2020 tournament.Noble they but ten thousand people admire the defending champion, but in the actual play, it is very different.They won the opening game 3-0, but it was captain Cristiano Ronaldo who allowed them to score in the 85th minute.His two goals were the key to the team’s victory.Then 2-4 Germany, 2-2 France, Ronaldo a man do 3 goals, really with their own strength, led the team into the next round.Still, the 1-0 loss to Belgium in the quarter-finals stopped them, and anger and resentment were written on Ronaldo’s face as the 36-year-old’s hunger for glory was no less intense than his desire to take the team to the top again.Portugal failed to find a solution in the preliminary round of the World Cup, falling into the second round after a 0-0 draw against Ireland and a 1-2 draw against Serbia.This is the melee, this is the blood, this is the place where the powerful fight, this is the brutal elimination battle that can not give you a chance again.Ronaldo, 37, has been through so much, but the situation is still a little scared.Portugal still depends on him for the knockout round.Neither he nor the team can accept the result of not participating in the World Cup.Spell it!Just like yesterday!As young as you were!At the age of 36, Cristiano Ronaldo passed by in a hurry. There were moments of glory and days of low ebb. Returning to Old Trafford, he returned home like a wanderer and became the master here again.Still active in international football, he is Portugal’s most reliable and reliable captain.At 37, the task of reviving the Red Devils and helping his country reach the World Cup cannot be changed, ronaldo will not stop, Ronaldo will just keep going, as he did at 17 or 27.That’s why we admire him.Happy birthday cristiano!May the New Year be smooth with you!Come on!Cristiano ronaldo!(Inside peng Peng)

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