Notice of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment on establishing low-carbon demonstration

District Ecological and Environmental Bureaus, relevant units:
It is an effective way for the city to carry out the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and to lead and advocate the green and low-carbon transformation of the whole society.In order to continue to promote the construction of low-carbon city in Shanghai, the city started the application work of low-carbon demonstration construction in 2022 in August last year, according to the requirements of the “Shanghai Low-carbon Demonstration Construction Work Plan” (Huhuan Qi (2021) No. 182).On the basis of the application of low-carbon development practice area and low-carbon community recommended by all units, the bureau commissioned specialized agencies to conduct comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the application program, and determined 9 areas including Xintiandi and 11 communities including Meilongsan Village of Lingyun Street as low-carbon demonstration units.1. The mid-term evaluation of the establishment of the low-carbon development practice area (near zero carbon emission practice area) shall be completed by the end of 2024, and the establishment and acceptance shall be completed by the end of 2026.Low-carbon communities (communities with near zero carbon emissions) should be created and accepted by 2024.Ii. The founding unit shall be the main body of responsibility for the establishment, and shall formulate the implementation plan, task list, and work plan and task for the establishment of low-carbon demonstration in 2022, and submit it to the Bureau before the end of February 2022.3. Ecological environment bureaus of each district shall be responsible for organizing and coordinating relevant work, urging each construction subject to carry out various tasks according to schedule and time nodes, and completing various construction tasks with high quality as required.Iv. The bureau will regularly track and evaluate the development of the creation work, timely promote successful experience and practices, and put forward supervision and rectification requirements for the lagging creation progress and insufficient creation efforts to ensure the quality of creation.Contact Person: Ma Yan Tel: 23117411
1. Create a list of low-carbon development practice areas
2. Create a list of low-carbon communities
Shanghai Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau
January 27, 2022
Attachment 1
List of low-carbon Development Practice areas
Huangpu District Grand Conference Site • Xintiandi Lingang International Innovation Collaborative Zone jinshan District Langxia Low-carbon Agricultural Zone Yangpu District Dachuanggu Minhang District Zizhu High-tech Zone Minhang District Hongqiao Main City Qianwan Area Xuhui District Caohejing Emerging Technology Development Zone Jing ‘an District Shibei High-tech Service Park Songjiang District Lingang Songjiang Science and Technology City Annex 2
Low-carbon community creation list
Meilong suffering ▼ xuhui district lingyun street community garden district management committee jia yue chrysanthemum of jiading district, yangpu district new jiangwan city streets huarun oak bay – building heart international apartment community group of the lingang new town nanhui appropriate hao scene HuaYue home xuhui district hong mei street community, qingpu xu hengjing hamming garden in the town of green community, qingpu zhao xiang town Long Lian pine street Thames town, songjiang district, jinshan, jinshan communityIndustrial area Hengkang Residential area Songjiang District Zhongshan Street Guojialou Community Jing ‘an District Shimen 2nd Road Street

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