Senior three political review: distinguish the reaction of consciousness, active role, subjective initiative

How to correctly distinguish the reaction of consciousness, the active function of consciousness and the subjective initiative?1. The reaction of consciousness The effect of consciousness of different natures on the transformation of the objective world;2. Active role of consciousness: to actively understand and transform the world. 3. Subjective initiative: to actively understand and transform the world and the “mental state” in the process of understanding and transforming the world.For example, “think”, “do” and “state of mind”.Relation: the reaction of consciousness includes the active action of consciousness, which is the second aspect of active action.The active action and reaction of consciousness are reflected in subjective initiative.Scope: Subjective initiative & GT;The agency of consciousness >The reaction of consciousness.Note :(1) consciousness cannot directly act on objective things. The guiding role of consciousness in transforming the objective world refers to that consciousness guides people to transform the objective world through practical activities.Consciousness has no immediate actuality, practice has immediate actuality.(2) Consciousness is right and wrong. Only correct consciousness can promote the development of things.(3) Correct consciousness is not the starting point for us to deal with problems, but objective reality is the starting point for us to think and do things.On April 16, 2021, the world’s first driverless “Yunba” demonstration line was put into operation in Bishan, Chongqing.”Cloud,” big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology to build the “brain” wisdom city rail, global awareness, global cooperation, can build independent awareness, scientific analysis and the core algorithm of the intelligent decision model, and to achieve a more accurate analysis, more comprehensive control of wisdom to the people bring safe, smart and efficient travel experience.The following understanding of “brain” wisdom city rail is correct (1) it is objectification of human wisdom, can grow into A new practice main body (2) it is the extension of the human brain, A driver can only imitate the train (3) its success, give full play to the active function of consciousness (4) it can produce processing “cloud,” the consciousness of driving problems encountered by a. (1) (2) b. (1) (4) c. (2) (3)D.③④ Please write the answers to the exercises in the comments section.I am the teacher of culture and politics of art examination class. If you can help me to sort out the uploaded materials, please share them with others or follow me.

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