There is a store beside the cloud

The balcony of the small second floor spreads mat, sitting can let the eyes across the peach trees, see the mountains undulating, curved down the arc light hold up a moon.The night soaked a leisurely mountain, there are not only forests, streams, insects singing, birds have a rest, and the town of ancestors of the tomb.Here is liu Shisan’s childhood, there is grandmother’s sea.The mountain wind is slight, like the waves shaking in the moonlight, gentle and soft, stay behind the time, become a child heard the story.These were the mountains and seas where he had met day and night.In distant cities, in strange places, there are mountains and seas he has never seen.There was a kiosk by the clouds, shelves stacked with years and sunsets, mountains behind.The old man reclined in the recliner and pretended to be asleep while the child stole a piece of candy.When do tears fall, where do birds go.People gather and leave, clouds come and go.Storytellers always have a story they don’t want to tell.Time flies and whispers turn to paper.They are caught in the blank pages at the end of the notebook, like cracks in time, where people’s casual words fall into the corner, unable to be blown away by the wind or burned by the sun, and sleep alone.Between the shadows of the trees, a mirror gleams.One side is noisy, the other quiet.Every tree and every wind, holding the white light of the moon, serenaded all over the mountains.Mountain girth out of a huge emerald, bright water, a piece of thin spread into a spindle, like a moonlight hourglass.The blue ink, late at night can also see the shadow of the mountain, as if solidified year after year.There is light in life.It’s all I can do to give you a little light before I put it out.I love you. You have to remember me.The wind swept over the wheat, the distant hills covered the setting sun, and the croaks of the frogs were heard in the field lane.The top of the mountain broke through the clouds, and it seemed as if they were standing on an island, with the waves rolling and the fog filling the air.The island is covered with snow, an extinguished lantern hangs from a tree, and there is no help in the sea of clouds.The wooded morning at the end of August was like a cool bag-drop.The lane is paved with blue bricks to the end of the town. The path climbs steeply up the hill, and you can see a tree on the summit in the yard.There is a kiosk near the cloud.Liu 13, an ordinary boy, lead a very ordinary life, a straight accompany beside his grandmother (brother) Wang Ying warbler, looking dignified and strong playmates cow field, meet straight lift cream as a teenager, he is dazzled by the university of peony, encountered in his hometown after work elves odd ball ball, make up for English teachers, tingting, directly, Qin Xiaozhen, old…Appear in a name together bland, but let Liu Shisan in youth, tumbling in love, affection, friendship whirlpool, try to taste the world of sour, sweet, bitter, hot, this story is too ordinary, so that people saw the most real themselves.”The cloud side there is a grocery store” in this book have a perseverance is silly 13 liu, a still strong in the face of death smiles to the life process of frost, a woman driving a tractor driving around the valley Wang Ying warbler, and a wise elder brother chuai his dream, a simple and honest feelings of burn dedicated his cow field, a poor but good heart tingting.In the book they, not the same life, not the same road, but walk in the distance together oh, there is a ball called clever and careful little girl, her appearance makes wang Yingying a family of its harmony.Struggle in the cheng Frost on the line of life and death is liu Shisan’s life-saving straw, always appear in his life the most unsatisfactory when, accompany him to do the thing that ego wants to do most to be met after knowing interest to leave, just some leave no longer come back namely.Cheng Frost is in the game of true words big adventure ceng several times ask liu 13: peony and I, who will you choose to do your girlfriend?This question is actually a little silly, and Liu Shisan is more silly in the answer, he always said: peony, peony, peony is just I guess, at that time Liu Shisan is just a subconscious answer, he only felt that he still love peony, he felt that losing peony is the most painful thing.Just some things have to let time to answer, until the awakening, the world is another story.Perhaps some love is because of the realization of late so no later, some love is precisely because of the subconscious has become the only story of your life.It’s a wonderful world.People’s thoughts are very strange things, I wonder, when Zhang Jiajia wrote this story, what kind of arrangement and combination in his heart before he string this story into his favorite appearance?How was he weighing the pulsating chord of emotion?How to make everything less important?Is he just trying to value the process or is he inadvertently mistaking the outcome for the process?Is he trying to give Cheng shuang a reason to write?Or just to pay homage to the years that have passed away?If, from the first time he met Cheng Frost, he gave cheng Frost love – a kind of great significance, would they have met earlier?Will the end result become the beginning of a process?If it is possible, I would like to try it.

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