Adhere to the “epidemic” line more than 9000 closed loop management, hudong community how to do?Answer “Three concerns”, send “three forces”

Heart to a place to think, strength to a make!In this race against the virus, all communities in Pudong have united as one, risen to the challenge and made every effort to build a solid defense line at the grassroots level.Since March 6, closed-loop management has been implemented in several communities in Hudong New Village, involving more than 9,000 households.In the face of the severe situation of the epidemic, the sub-district Party Working Committee and the office bore the burden of fighting the epidemic. On the one hand, they gathered strength, compacted responsibility and accurately standardized management standards.On the other hand, service leads, demonstration as, try our best to solve problems for the masses.”Three concerns” to solve the traffic control inside the village, a community team member stationed in 14 days, the first time in the party and the establishment of temporary party branch and command, to deploy and implement the area traffic control related matters, such as the establishment of past, medical treatment, emergency isolation security, property and other groups, wall charts, clear division of labor, responsibility to the people, to ensure that the work form a closed loop.Doormagnetism management, doorpost management and nucleic acid testing are the most popular concerns of residents, and the streets have quickly clarified the implementation standards.In a closed community, more than 100 management corridor door magnetic, every day there are special personnel patrol inspection.Volunteers and sinking staff to carry out a daily check, check whether there is illegal open the door and other situations, and the daily situation summary report to the street headquarters.For the closed-loop management community, the street has implemented the “three-person shift system”.This is by a long shift gate, a police and a district office support personnel team of the past steering group for out community identification, registration, express delivery services such as past training basic duty, point-to-point solutions policy caliber, the key points of personal protection, clear the corresponding contact and emergency work, difficult advisory contact.These days, the street to expand nucleic acid screening encountered a special problem.How to maintain the order of the queuing scene?How to solve the elderly scan code appointment difficult?All of these have corresponding solutions.In the closed-loop community, nucleic acid screening is progressing smoothly. Three working groups work together in an orderly and seamless way — one group leads nucleic acid testing, one group prepares qr codes, and the other goes to the next corridor to inform residents.In practice, the community has also accumulated some experience, such as staff pasting qr codes outside protective suits to speed up circulation.”Three forces” to the door in the face of 14 closed loop management community and other units and corridors need to be managed, the street Party working Committee, office will support the force to the front line — according to the task volume, emergency degree, the existing work force has been stratified, classified, scientific scheduling, the implementation of dynamic adjustment, to ensure the overall stability.Not only that, community warm – hearted services are also delivered to the residential areas.Provide point-to-point food delivery and garbage downstairs services for special people living alone, losing their only child and disability.Prioritize the work orders of the 12345 citizen hotline, and respond immediately to the needs related to medical treatment and docking of medical resources to ensure the normal life of residents.The community is also close to the containment of the community to set up dispensing, solution residents to buy drugs as pressing danger.Under the guidance of party construction, community volunteer force is also condensed.Through the party building of the building group, the general Party branch in the residential area drives the micro-practice of good governance and civilization of everyone in the community. It mobilizes 95 volunteers, with an average of one volunteer in every five households, to serve the masses around.A volunteer team has been set up in the residential area to help more than 100 families equipped with door magnets deliver takeout and express goods to ensure the daily life of the neighborhood.Photo source: Hudong New Village street for the map

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