Five months of fire, and she was destroyed by Dong Mingzhu?

Remember Meng Yutong?In 2021, koi in the workplace, a variety show in the workplace “We just entered the workplace”, she was transferred from dong Mingzhu’s intern to a regular employee, directly joined Gree and became dong Mingzhu’s secretary of the chairman.Dong Mingzhu’s love for her was visible. At the Summit of China’s manufacturing leaders, meng was loudly declared to be a “second Dong Mingzhu.”Suddenly, meng Yutong, only 22 years old, became the “chosen girl” and the ceiling of fresh graduates.Isn’t the overnight fame of “100 billion gree successor” more exciting than some rich family daughter-in-law candidate?But in just a few months, the painting style has changed and even reversed.Once upon a time we discuss is, dong Mingzhu one eye take a fancy to, this young wench what virtue can ah?Now I often see such comments: “More and more like Dong Mingzhu.”Don’t think this is a praise, the back still have: “unfortunately, good a little girl was dong Mingzhu to destroy.”Meng Yutong from being envied to being laughed at by the group, all because of public dancing.At her first interview, she was unorthodox and courageous.Although professional does not match, but enthusiastic love dancing, in the consent of Dong Mingzhu, showed a short female group dance, but so let the president has.After becoming The secretary of Dong Mingzhu, Meng Yutong is where to jump where, from time to time in some open industry congress was called on the leadership improvisation jump on a section.The latest time, Meng Yutong because of the gain of weight, of course, there are state and filming problems, directly jumped “overturned”.Ironically, the video was even more popular than her famous job interview jump.The comment section was full of “clowns” and “damas”.More damage is, there are people joking, now we see Meng Yutong, dong Elder sister is adapting to the new body.In two words — outrageous.Meng Yutong’s dance before and after her entry was cut into the same picture, to prove that after she became Dong Mingzhu’s secretary, she became more and more “mingzhu” : from a girl to a woman, from youthful vigor to vulgar ugly fat and strong effort, from Meng Yutong to “Dong Mingzhu”.From when dong Mingzhu’s secretary, Meng Yutong’s controversy did not stop.More magical is, dong Mingzhu’s public praise also indescribably followed down.After all, according to the previous routine, should be the domineering female president by scheming small secretary “bewitching”, confused, blocking the holy listen to a variety of right.For example, when the program is still recorded, Dong Mingzhu does not hide the love of Meng Yutong, has always been high cold, long war shopping mall iron Lady but always meng Yutong exposed a face of amiable aunt smile.Although Meng Yutong was excellent and recommended for admission to the Spanish Department of Zhejiang University, among the three interns, she was not suitable for her major and did not have rich internship experience. Compared with the other two teammates, she had obvious disadvantages.But still with indomitable, do not accept the momentum, from the last successful counter-attack.Dong mingzhu praised “I hope the future successor of the company will be someone like her”;And promised to “give her the best and fastest access possible.”Netizens to pick Meng Yutong’s family background, not rich second generation, there is no throne to inherit, immediately “understand” : virtue is not worthy of the throne, there must be something wrong.Dong Mingzhu where is training gree successor, afraid is not picking future daughter-in-law?After Meng was officially hired, her Douyin account gained more than 800,000 followers in three days and now has nearly 2 million followers.Douyin and Kuaishou accounts of “Mingzhu Yutong Selection” were soon online, and Gree also quickly registered many trademarks related to “Meng Yutong”.Meng Yutong also tried in gree live broadcast with goods.Lasting for more than 4 hours, 24 products were put on the shelves, and the customer unit price was about 3,000 yuan. The total number of viewers was 113,000, three times the usual viewing volume, and the single sales volume was about 620,000.It can be seen that Meng Yutong’s high popularity did not drive the high conversion of gaoke’s unit price commodities.But, the net friend again “understand” : successor just hype, cultivate oneself take goods net red, is dong Mingzhu’s real purpose.”Meng Yutong also hate iron not into steel:” cold window study hard, do you want to be a net red?”Obviously have strength, must rely on appearance level.”Good zhejiang university graduates, what kind of decent job can not find, why to play a good hand of cards badly?This time, Meng yutong was evaluated as “tool man solid hammer”.As for getting her to dance at conventions, that’s “bleeding surplus value.”From envy, doubt, ridicule, to sympathy, the controversy of dong Mingzhu secretary this “fortune” is really twists and turns.So meng Yutong’s “successor”, or “secretary” role, in the end there is no outside so mysterious?First of all, not to mention cultivating her daughter-in-law herself, Dong Mingzhu is a person who does not even care about her own son. She is completely different from those big parents who help their son chase after his wife on TV shows in Hong Kong and Taiwan.And I say, in this era, always put an excellent appearance strength of women to “continue the family” on the association, how much a little low.Secondly, Meng Yutong was played by Dong Mingzhu?President’s successor turns into a tool man?See dong Mingzhu oneself take goods ability to be clear at a glance.In 2020, Dong broadcast 13 live shows and sold 47.6 billion yuan worth of goods, well over a quarter of Gree’s revenue (174.97 billion yuan) that year.Average sales of goods in a single game are 3.66 billion, compared with Meng Yu Tong’s sales of 620,000, is not a world of difference.Dong Mingzhu himself is gree’s top flow net red, a few more Meng Yutong are impossible to copy.Besides, live with goods itself is a form of marketing, how many people still remember dong Mingzhu was doing what started?Air conditioning salesman.Although I do not know whether Dong Mingzhu likes to ask Meng Yutong to dance in the conference, it is a kind of parents love to let their children in front of relatives show talent mood, but this is obviously not her core work.What is the job content of “koi in the workplace”?Meng Yutong said there are five parts: administration, government reception, media activities, specific connection between e-commerce and marketing, and last but not least, accompanying the boss on business trips.Things that people think are part of a secretary’s job, such as making tea for the boss, his schedule, and meetings with whom.It also includes the preparation of important meetings, the approval and distribution of documents, which are administrative.What I do most is media activities. I contact and report back and forth about the boss’s interviews and activities, topics and contents, and how to arrange the time and place, etc.We saw that the videos she shot with goods on Douyin were all in cooperation with colleagues in the e-commerce department.And, most of all, wages.Does the president’s secretary earn millions a year?No, Meng yutong’s salary is the same as that of fresh graduates in Gree, which is basically within the range of 5K-10K.Some people don’t believe it in the comment section. Meng Yutong said there was a salary slip as proof.Still have a person to say besides salary, bonus, commission still have a lot of?Meng Yutong also refused.Of course, Meng yutong is now a celebrity, or can receive some business.And while it’s not entirely without weekends and holidays, being a secretary is basically 24 hours a day.Because the boss may have instructions at any time, the secretary should keep working at any time, can not find someone.As to the change, besides grow fat 10 catty, Dong Mingzhu also did not cheat, Meng Yutong naked eye visible ground grew rapidly.In her own words, ahead of her peers.Some of the career tips she shares are very popular in Xiaohongbooks and very practical.For example, one of the key techniques in convincing your boss is to give feedback on what the new plan will do and what it will do, rather than saying, “This plan is so good, everyone else is doing it.”For example, don’t take your boss’s suggestion as the best solution and implement it. Your boss expects you to convince him of a more feasible solution after thinking about it.Some people sigh, Meng Yutong these workplace experience, their work for three or four years to realize.Not to mention Dong Mingzhu took her to attend Chinese entrepreneurs Boao Forum, China manufacturing Leaders Summit, Guangdong TV New Year’s Eve speech, BEYOND international Science and Technology Innovation expo……The world I have seen, the people I have been in contact with, the horizon I have grown and the pattern I have developed are far from those of ordinary workers.This is also called “a good hand played rotten” “life was destroyed by Dong Mingzhu”?Dong Mingzhu’s evaluation of Meng Yutong is that she can bear hardships, be active, have strong learning ability and reaction ability.For the successor of the term, Dong Mingzhu explained that she actually meant to cultivate Meng Yutong into a loyal to the enterprise, noble quality, a sense of responsibility, the pursuit of career.Meng yutong is not only a dancing machine in the world, but also a representative of sobriety and high eq in the world.”Maybe I represent many fresh college students in Gree. The boss will give us college students opportunities, but I am her secretary.”In front of the stage, the boss took this opportunity to show young people that Gree is very willing to give young people opportunities.Someone said to Dong Mingzhu with Meng Yutong to sign an agreement, otherwise which day she went.Dong Mingzhu is very confident: Meng Yutong absolutely not.She said: “I have a basic moral judgment of the child, if it does run away, her loss.”Rachel decides to live on her own, cuts up her dad’s credit card, and her first job for a living is waiting tables at the coffee shop downstairs, making and serving coffee.But she didn’t even bother to do the simplest job and did a terrible job.She quit in a fit of pique and was lucky enough to find a job as an assistant in a department store.She rushed into her new job, only to find that the first task of the new job is to produce a cup of coffee that suits the boss’s taste.It’s dramatic and it’s real.Therefore, what we see about Meng Yutong, the secretary of the President, may only be serving tea and pouring water, dancing live, and losing weight and other superficial things.But she herself has stepped on the hot wheels of the workplace, to upgrade the secret to beat strange customs clearance.It is said that the signature of Meng yutong’s circle of friends is “Wind in my ear, fire in my soul”.The girl of ’99 has a bright future ahead of her.Those who laugh at Meng yutong as a “clown” and “aunt” are afraid that they are not in the same “world” with her.Light up “Zan”, wish everyone who works hard to run, have a good future.Author: Lola, a woman with fragrance in her soul.Too many eyes, too many eyes, too many eyes, too many eyes.The article was first published on the public account of a woman with a fragrant soul.

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