Science and technology warm life, intelligent family from the three-winged bird wisdom home

Intelligent family, to a certain extent, liberated both hands, but from the perspective of labor, it seems that people become lazy a lot, but if this function can be used to the right place, so the effect is twice the result with half the effort.Three-winged Bird launched the whole house customization function: “one-stop customized intelligent home platform” adds branches and leaves to the life of modern families, bringing time and emotion closer.Scenario 1: Because of the epidemic, Ms. Li has not been home for a week.The older children attend junior high school and take online classes every day, while the younger ones attend kindergarten and live with Ms. Li on the west side of the city.Fortunately, I installed the three-winged bird custom wisdom home, and came back a week later, the house was clean and tidy, and the children were very happy.Now, we have entered the stage of collaborative intelligence that can control the home appliances with mobile phones and voice, while the three-winged bird can provide us will enter the stage of decision-making intelligence of home appliances based on big data and active service, and even the stage of higher active intelligence and ubiquitous intelligence.Scene two: Grandpa Wu’s legs were disabled in his early years because of a car accident. The most inconvenient thing for an old man at home is personal care. He always has to trouble children and babysitters.This was a great blow to Uncle Wu.Uncle Wu can endure his physical disability, but the after-effects of his physical disability are always difficult to talk about and eat away at his mind.Since uncle Wu’s son knew uncle Wu’s heart, three wings bird wisdom toilet installed at home.Through pronunciation, let Uncle Wu feel the most relaxed, the most pleasant, the most comfortable enjoyment.Gradually, Uncle Wu was in a better mood and more yearning for a better life.Situation 3: As a full-time mother of three children, Mrs. Huang is always at a loss when facing the care of her family and the life of her newborn baby.In consideration of the growing population of his family and the education of his children, Huang replaced a large house with a three-winged bird home.Map out the living space and layout needed for the next 10 years.A smart mirror is installed in the bathroom so that children can take a bath while watching cartoons.Mrs. Huang can also automatically record health conditions through the magic mirror, long-term health monitoring.Timely warning of abnormal health indicators, but also regularly push healthy recipes, became a good helper of Mrs. Huang’s life.Mr. Huang wash, wash bath can browse news information, check the memo, so that their work one step ahead.The launch of “one-stop customized intelligence platform” service opens the way of transformation from “let you choose to customize for you”, which means that Three-Winged Bird grasps the latest consumer demand at present.Refresh the cognition of many people, we leap from the current stage of intelligent furniture into an intelligent scene stage.The highlight of personalized service allows young groups to choose a variety of to meet their own, in line with the taste of young people.Three-wing bird “one-stop customized wisdom home”, to achieve thousands of people, everyone’s home is different, so that family life is more comfortable and simpler.

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