Serial three: Zhongang mining Liu Jinhai illegal fund-raising national branch exposure alert to be cheated

Liu Jinhai zhongang mining by fluorite mining illegal fund-raising activities, as the Liaoning Baishuo group pyramid selling organization to slip through the net this new experience dishing.According to the relevant information provided by the relevant sources, Liu Jinhai Zhongang Mining opened more than 20 branches in the country to raise funds, each company raised the maximum amount of 40 million.Broad investor, encounter the following partial company, please cautious investment avoids to be deceived.1: Shenyang Zhongsheng Industrial Partnership (limited partnership) 2: Liaoning Jinchang Industrial Development Partnership (limited partnership) 3: Shenyang Jusheng Mining Partnership (limited partnership) 4: Shenyang Zhongyuan Technology Partnership (limited partnership) 5:Hunan zhong rui mining development partnership (limited partnership) 6: hubei the ocean mining development partnership (limited partnership) 7: jinan zhongxin mining partnership (limited partnership) 8: zhengzhou the prosperous mining partnership (limited partnership) 9: qinghai the auspicious mining partnership (limited partnership) 10: chengdu all the wisdom of mining partnership (limited partnership) 11: jilin province the auspicious oreIndustry partnership (limited partnership) 12: sichuan giant teng mining partnership (limited partnership) 13: sichuan jia peng mining partnership (limited partnership) 14: sichuan Santa rita mining partnership (limited partnership) 15: sichuan the cheng xin mining partnership (limited partnership) all 16: sichuan Jones prosperity of science and technology partnership (limited partnership) 17: hubei jin pengMining development Partnership (limited partnership) 18: Chifeng Zhongang Mining Development Co., LTD.If found, please report to the police immediately to avoid being cheated.

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