The toy industry of China and the United States is going head-to-head

1. Scale In 2020, the us toy market sales reached 32.6 billion US dollars, accounting for 28.15% of the world, ranking first;In the same year, total toy retail sales in mainland China were 77.97 billion yuan.2. The average American child spends about $350 on toys per year.The average child in mainland China spends about $56 on toys (equivalent to the global average).3. Import and Export 75% of the world’s toys are produced in the Chinese mainland (mostly OEM). In 2020, the export volume reached 33.49 billion US dollars, of which 8.57 billion US dollars were exported to the US, accounting for 25.6% of the total export volume and 84.9% of the total import volume of toys from the US.4, list according to the British “brand financial” released “2021 25 big toy the world’s most valuable brands” list, occupy 18 seats in the United States, and in the top ten places occupy 7 seats, fisher, Merf, barbie dolls, hasbro ranked third to the sixth, 8 to 10 brand won by the United States, in turn, is: pony bao li, Funko Pop, hot wheels.No mainland Chinese brands made it into the top 25.

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