Hebei Zhao County annual output of more than 1500 tons of bactericide project officially started construction

Hebei News (reporter Xu Zhepu Nie Congchao) February 19, in the east of Zhao County economic Development Zone, Hebei Xingbai Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. annual output of more than 1500 tons of bactericide project phase I held the commencement ceremony.It is understood that the total investment of the project is 483 million yuan, the first phase of the project is planned to invest 283 million yuan, after completion of the annual sales revenue of 1.2 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 60 million yuan, has been listed as the city’s key construction projects in 2022.”The construction period of the project is 10 months. The production process of the product adopts the leading domestic biological fermentation technology, which is green and efficient. It is worthy of the name of the new biological pesticide.”Liu Jinfeng, general manager of Hebei Xingbai Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD., said that the company invested funds, manpower and material resources to research and develop the product earlier, and established a complete set of industrial production process model under laboratory conditions, which laid a sufficient technical foundation for the smooth operation of the project.Hebei xing bai pharmaceutical group co., LTD., is set product development, production, sales in the integration of modern large-scale group company, for many years been rated as national high-tech enterprises, the agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprises, has nine invention patents, won the “national scientific and technological progress second prize” “invention won third prize of science and technology in hebei province” and other honors.Up to now, it has participated in drafting 9 national and industry group standards, and is a leading enterprise in the industry.”This year is a key year for the city’s economic aggregate to exceed one trillion yuan and realize overtaking on curves.We will actively integrate into the overall construction and development of the provincial capital, with the fighting spirit of ‘one of my ten, ten of my hundred’, go all out to grasp investment, projects, promote development, to achieve the city’s economic total over one trillion contributions to Zhao County.”Construction ceremony, Zhao County said the relevant person in charge.The County Party Committee and government of Zhao County always adhere to the development concept of “project is king, enterprise is king and environment is king”, firmly seize the wind wind of promoting the breakthrough of electronic information and biological medicine industries in the city, and aim to build a well-known “demonstration base for the centralized production of API + Preparations” in North China and even the whole country.To build low-cost, convenient, all-factor, professional service platform for enterprises, comprehensively improve the pharmaceutical industry’s market competitiveness, radiation driving force and regional influence.For comprehensive power enterprise development, zhao country further optimize the business environment, to implement the “through train”, the secretary of the head of major projects, to help do STH for sb, “six” and a series of work mechanism, open the “green channel” and the service “through train” in advance, the opening section of major projects, the implementation of “one-stop baby-sitting services”, around the leading industry to promote big project ground work.At present, the county project construction “planning a batch, a batch of reserves, a batch of construction, a batch of investment” work pattern has gradually formed.Investment 860 million yuan of puli pharmaceutical, investment 830 million yuan of Sam’s pharmaceutical, investment 1.02 billion yuan of Renhe Yikang Huize pharmaceutical high-end preparation……In 2022, Zhao County initially planned 96 key construction projects, with a total investment of more than 60 billion yuan.Zhao County will continue to strengthen accurate service, fine guarantee, list the schedule, road map and task book of key projects one by one, to ensure the smooth progress of key projects.”In the next step, Zhao County will continue to anchor advantageous industries, make good use of various investment modes, continue to deepen the reform of the development zone system and mechanism, and attract more large projects to settle down.At the same time, the development of the whole process, all-round, full coverage of the charge to help agents, from the secretary, the county head, the four leading team crouching package, with all our efforts to solve the enterprise blocking points, difficulties, pain points, so that the majority of entrepreneurs in Zhao County at ease investment, work, peace of mind entrepreneurship, comfortable development.”Zhao County related person in charge said.

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