One episode was worthy of the BBC treasure show of the year

If you want to see a lively beauty pageant, if you want to see a B-frame work, of course it is a British drama.But in recent years, while maintaining their “high standard”, British dramas have slowly added what audiences would like to see into their productions.In this way, it can be said to broaden the audience.Therefore, in the ratings of some friends in the TV circle of contempt chain, British drama is still firmly in the first place.There are a lot of great American TV shows on the air these days, but this British drama proves that British TV shows really do have the capital to despise American TV shows.This drama was broadcast in October last year, I hope my favorite friends can forgive me for introducing it to you at this time, because I almost missed it too.World Productions, the producers of Sleepless, Duty At Hand and The Bodyguard, have teamed up with the BBC to deliver a British drama whose storytellers can beat us shows.Show trial is a short drama, the first season is only 5 episodes long, but as mentioned earlier, the plot is short, but very insightful.The story begins with a missing case. Hannah, a college student, has not contacted her mother for several days, which makes her mother very upset. This kind of situation rarely happens to Hannah, who has a harmonious relationship with her mother, and she suspects that something has happened to her daughter.Her mother’s instinct proved so powerful that she called the police to find her daughter’s flat in a mess, with alcohol stains all over the floor.According to the usual scriptwriter routine and the logic of watching the film, the next step should be how to find the missing Hannah or solve the plot of the case, right?However, the case is only a lead, the next plot, is to reflect the screenwriter boaqi coaxed place.Police responded to a report and investigated the case, which led to the arrest of two of Hannah’s classmates.First the police focused on Talitha, the schoolgirl, because she was a very unusual person.She is the daughter of real estate magnate, haughty, more arrogant.But she didn’t want anything to do with her father, made money as an anchor when she was a teenager, and before Hannah went missing, Talitha sent her threatening text messages and even threatened to find some drug dealers to teach Her a lesson.Another suspect, also the son of a powerful family, is Dillon, the son of a powerful politician.He and Talitha are still friends, but he loves Her and often takes photos and videos of her.Judging from the two suspects who were close to Hannah, Talitha was the stronger suspect.That’s how the series goes, but as we’ve said, the disappearance case is just a lead-in, and who the culprit is, obviously, not the most important thing.Talitha, a wealthy woman, is suspected of being detained and questioned by the police. But even then, she failed to inform her wealthy father and pretended to be poor so that the police could arrange a free lawyer for her.Key figures came on as a lawyer, in general, aid lawyer are a novice or ability will be more general, but this one is not the case, she is the law of side big cafes, boutique, but because of various reasons, offend the rich and powerful people, being rejected, finally degraded into a only holding a minimum hourly wage legal aid lawyers.The lawyer was very good. Despite all the evidence against Talitha, he found many small details that helped Talitha deal with the police.Talitha also told her lawyer that she wanted to keep it secret from her family, but that Talitha underestimated her father, who was a real estate magnate.He wants to use his influence, his own trusted lawyers to defend his daughter.So she had to deal with Talitha’s father while dealing with the lawyers and the police.Not only that, but the political father of another suspect, Dillon, also put pressure on the case.For a time, the case has become a hot spot in the city, the case had to show trial, drama also evolved from the investigation into the game of various forces and people, this is the focus of the play.From that moment on, the police, the prosecution, the two suspects, the lawyers, the real estate magnates, the politicians and, of course, the victims’ families, each with a different agenda, a different pursuit, each with one another, sometimes aligned.The drama is not only attractive in terms of the story, but also the portrayal of each character is very rich, who has a secret, who has an axe to dig.The details of the show are delicate, and the only thing that makes people feel uncomfortable is that they dig holes near the end of each episode. The end of the first season was still an open ending, inviting endless associations, and quite unpleasant. Why not make it clean?But if you think about the benefits of this setup, then you can be relieved, because this way, ten seasons of eight seasons, probably no problem.What’s also unique about the show is that every relationship seems to have a great story to tell, depending on how long they want to run the show.As the title of the play says, the show trial is actually more like a show, in which every stakeholder wants to show his “muscles”, meaning very much.Original article/Gangster movie

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