Original god: yuan palace is too “underworld”, the three boundaries of the road will see the guide for offering, easy to deal with the activity

Hello, everyone, I say white gentleman.In “the god” of the game, version 2.5 has been open, and permeating the road turns to the new activities have been released, but on the small white is in the first game experience, this activity is for the small white and it is a very trouble, exploring in the middle of the map for a few hours, finally have the courage to write this article.And this article, xiaobai with the most concise words to explain to you, about this activity we need to pay attention to matters, let everyone as soon as possible to start this activity.When we participate in this activity, we need to complete the pre-activity, the devil task “the name of the people who resist” and the world task “Sanyu Dao Dagongwu” activities, then can participate in this activity.It is also through this mission to unlock three fuchshigiya three new locations, thus opening the campaign, this fuchigiya mission is carried out on this basis.After starting the mission, we can come to a new Fuchizhamiya, here we must pay attention to, after the tutorial, the mission will refresh to the middle, at this time we don’t worry about the mission.Through the acquisition of game “often the pod” and “deep ore pulp,” (the two items are recorded in the middle of the small map) so small white is not much said, when we are in a large map through continuous acquisition, as well as the treasure chest you can gain a lot of this item, and a man named “seal of light industry” items, when we in the “low density” area to collect almost,You will be able to upgrade the box of mushuo through the Dayichi Koyu.Upgrading not only improves our resistance to erosion, but also increases our access to chests. There is nothing wrong with improving the box of compatibility.Remember, when we go to the low density area, don’t be in a hurry to fly there, this is the teleport point, it can be directly teleported.The two props we collected, whether to open the anchor point, or to do the task, need to use them, although not much, but the early resources are enough for the end.Because the early stage has been the case of harmonious sparse to upgrade, so we usually do not mean, remember to use the monster, many magic things on the dark is still very uncomfortable.Players visiting basically all map don’t need a long time, basically can quickly in the past, do not appear to the light industry in an area of India to take what to begin the next map, the only notable is that remember breath take the treasure case, believe that the small white don’t have no idea, since 2.5 version is done, this map will never open.Due to the source palace map of the underworld, in addition to the invasion of the fog, for some decryption will appear irritability and other symptoms, white advice do not think of a day on the liver, the activity up to 40 days, these finished to the long grass period white is not responsible for.In fact, the new map looks very difficult but it is very simple, don’t worry about the task, after you can move freely, learn the mode in the low density area first.In this way, there will be no embarrassing situation where you can’t go to the box of harmony and shushui without taking enough resources…

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