Revealing song Jiang martial arts school athletes lit up the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics high burning moment

Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony, there are schools in Shandong Heze!The opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was held in the National Stadium in Yuncheng county, Shandong Province, at 20 PM on February 4.The first content after the countdown is the start of Spring performance.Not easily overlooked backstage at the Bird’s Nest are 393 light-emitting, 9.5-meter-long flexible poles.They are neatly stacked in a corner of the room, long and thin, to make people who see them for the first time wonder about their use.After the countdown of the opening ceremony, the flexible rod came on.Young people from Shandong Chinese Martial Arts School and Songjiang Martial Arts School unfold a matrix.As they dance, the flexible poles create the breath of flowers and waves of green grass, which then change from green to white, like dandelions drifting away.”It’s like grass, moving and alive.The rhythm reminds you of life and spring.”Zhang Yimou commented on the performance.He had prepared a flexible pole for the 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Qingdao Summit light and fireworks show, but was unable to use it due to the small venue, which finally came into use this time.The flexible rod performance lasted three minutes.The difficulty of rehearsing was how to control the three-story-high, six-pound pole, which swayed during movement, and accurately present the Angle of 0, 15, 90, or even 176 degrees.The distance between the actors was only 1.5 meters, which made it easy to hit the pole. They had to practice controlling their power, rotating their bodies and memorizing the rhythm.Everyone’s position is different, the Angle is different, and for the training added multiple difficulties.According to wang Xing, the program’s co-director, the 15-year-olds practice six to seven hours a day, strengthening their legs and arms and keeping their eyes fixed on the pole.Because the school is close to the sea, students train by the sea, using the wind as an emergency test.At the Bird’s Nest, all the actors’ positions were restored on the computer, and the director discussed the position and rhythm on the computer to predict the effect.Historically, this process was worked out by sand tables and, before that, by using sticks to draw paths on the ground.Nearly 400 10-meter long luminous poles, each with different movements, how to control accurately?The science and technology team from the Beijing Institute of Technology helped the directing team produce a detailed manual, marking longitude, latitude and Angle for more efficient rehearsals.”Every actor has a rehearsal manual, their positions are different, their spacing is different, their angles are different, and there is no one who can move with each other.”Tao wenting said.However, it is difficult for actors to achieve a specific Angle with their bodies. For example, “A person should rise 10 degrees from the ground with a 10-meter-long pole. How should he judge ’10 degrees’?They need to measure height, longitude, latitude, direction, and so on, with their feet, with their knees, with their eyes, to see what a marker feels like.”In September last year, under the leadership of director Gao Zhiyi, the actors rehearsed for two months in Shandong province. They practiced precise positioning and Angle control for six to seven hours a day. In addition to the relatively common 30 degrees and 90 degrees, the children also had to clearly understand the more “tricky” concepts such as 175 degrees and 176 degrees.At the same time, they have to change formation in time to music and video, presenting a visual state of undulating, alternating and overlapping feelings, which is a great challenge for memory and physical strength.In this stage, the director team continuously reported to the director team through video. After passing through layers, the actors came to Beijing from Shandong province for subsequent rehearsals.And it was only then, a day or two before a show review, that they got the actual glow sticks.”The flexibility and elasticity of the lightening rod are completely different from those of the previous ones.How to use such a short period of time to adapt to change is the biggest challenge.”The king said to wake.The practical, hardworking children overcame all difficulties.When the rod finally lit up, and Zhang’s eyes lit up, Tao heard his affirmation: “The chief director thought it was great, and it had the spring image he wanted.”Toward the end of “Start of Spring,” the light-rod changes from green to white, and a giant dandelion blooms in the nest, then is blown away by a little girl in the ground image.Zhang Yimou has always said that the temperament of the opening ceremony is “romantic, ethereal”, “the white tone and the feeling of drifting, it is to create the atmosphere of snowflakes flying in winter.Dandelion seeds are scattered everywhere, and everything is reviving.Tao wenting said.

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