Strengthen discipline education and rectify police camp ethos

Yulin Daily news (correspondent Kang Zhifeng Yang Ping) On March 25, Jia County public Security Bureau organized all the police to watch the warning education film “strong umbrella break the net” “always preserve the political nature”.Shenmu Zhongji police station organized the police to watch the warning education film, through the case interpretation of discipline, interpretation of law, sound the alarm of honesty and self-discipline.Through detailed cases, rich materials and in-depth analysis, the warning film deeply reveals the life course of some Party members and cadres who relax their self-requirements, lose their ideals and beliefs, ignore the rules and regulations of discipline, act as the umbrella of the criminal forces, seriously violate the law and discipline, and finally become prisoners.The police were shocked in thought and baptized in mind. They said they would draw lessons from negative cases and take warning.Our report (correspondent yuan Ma Wenrui) in recent days, shenmu City public Security Bureau wanzhen, Big liu tower police station organized all people auxiliary police to carry out discipline education party class, further enhance the integrity of all people auxiliary police self-discipline consciousness, to create the wind qingqi is the police camp environment.Party class on the style of discipline “yong lazy”, not strong sense of service for the people, tardy work perfunctory, work responsibility is not strong and other problems carried out an in-depth analysis, all people auxiliary police carried out self-examination self-correction, control public security work discipline problems are easy to carry out criticism and self-criticism, list the list of problems, the implementation of rectification measures.Through discipline education, the aim consciousness of all civilian auxiliary police has been strengthened, and their comprehensive quality and law enforcement and case handling level have been improved.

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