The second Yangtze River Delta superconducting Industry Development Summit forum was held in Shanghai

China News Shanghai News on February 24 (reporter Yu Jun)Shanghai (CNS) — The second Yangtze River Delta Superconducting Industry Development Summit forum was inaugurated here on Thursday, as the world’s first 35 kilovolt kilometer class superconducting cable demonstration section will soon be in safe operation for 100 days in Shanghai.Dong Yunhu, chairman of Shanghai CPPCC, Zhang Wei, Vice Mayor of Shanghai CPPCC, Shou Ziqi, chairman of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce and other leaders present to congratulate.The world’s first 35-kilovolt kilometre superconducting cable demonstration project was put into operation in Shanghai on December 22 last year, with various indicators and data reaching the international leading level, marking the world’s first superconducting cable to support the backbone power grid of a megacity and on the historical stage.Dong Yunhu said in his speech that the new materials industry is a strategic and fundamental industry and a key field of high-tech competition.Shanghai has taken new materials as one of the six key industries to promote the layout of advanced materials. It has promoted the high-end development of advanced basic materials, the serialization of key strategic materials, the large-scale development of featured materials, the industrial application of cutting-edge new materials, and accelerated the cultivation of advanced materials industrial clusters.It is hoped that the Yangtze River Delta region will jointly carry out research on key and core technologies, jointly promote the layout of the superconductor industry, and jointly build the superconductor industry into an economic highland, an industrial talent highland, a technological resource highland and a technological application highland.He pointed out that efforts should be made to strengthen the source of innovation, deepen the cooperation and docking of the Yangtze River Delta superconducting industry alliance, strengthen the coordination of the innovation chain and industry chain, and build an innovation community of cross-border integration and deep integration.We should intensify the application of superconductivity in key fields, get through the “last mile” of superconductivity technology from research, development to application and transformation, and form a good development trend of intensive energy and accelerating breakthroughs.Focusing on the superconductor industry system, it is necessary to strengthen policy supply, further promote platform building, policy supply and pilot demonstration, and create an industrial cluster ecology with accurate services and strong support.With a strong sense of responsibility and mission, we should deepen cooperation, work together to overcome difficulties, seize the commanding heights of the development of the global superconductor industry, and make new and greater contributions to building China into a world scientific and technological power and strengthening the strategic source of scientific and technological innovation and the leading function of the high-end industry in the Yangtze River Delta.Member of the BBS invited Huang Chongqi, Chen Xianhui academicians, member of qiu-liang wang, member of Wang Weihua superconducting industry such as domestic first-class experts and scholars, in the combination of offline and online way, on China’s innovation and development in the field of superconducting power transmission, will enhance the level of industrial technology innovation and application, advance the frontier science and technology of inner loop, and promote the healthy development of emerging industries such as issue,They expressed their opinions.Tang Liang, chairman of the Board of The Alliance of superconducting Industry Chain of the Yangtze River Delta, introduced the progress of the alliance since its establishment more than a year ago, focusing on the superior resources of the Yangtze River Delta, quickly seizing the development highland of superconducting industry and creating a cross-industry and cross-field high-tech ecosystem.For the first time, the forum also published data on carbon verification of superconducting power transmission by third-party assessment agencies.On the same day, the Academic committee of Shanghai Superconducting Manufacturing Innovation Center was established, led by four academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and The Chinese Academy of Sciences. Shanghai Vice Mayor Zhang Wei presented the letter of appointment to the representatives of the academic committee.During the forum, participants also went to the site of the 1.2km superconducting cable demonstration project.Note: Please be sure to indicate the source when reprinting the content of the article!Editor: Yu Jun

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