About bazhou much shop big boss zhou some slander Bazhou 123 situation description!

A blatant lie, used to intimidate and threaten employees, slandered bazhou 123 and angered 123.Today, we are going to expose this ugly face and advocate for the unpaid employees.With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, wages and giving red envelopes at the end of the year have become topics of discussion.But to once in bazhou central Plains commercial building a few door face had done to leave the staff, but has been in arrears for a long time of wages distressed.According to the knowledge of these doors belong to the same boss Zhou xx, in Bazhou has “Qi Ge”, Senda, CAI Gen Tan media, the old seven shoes industry, American camel, Alas, Belle monopoly and other doors.(The picture is part of zhou’s store.) Let’s listen to a recording, which was made by li (pseudonym), an employee who begged for salary. Zhou was arrogant and delayed in paying wages.In the recording, Zhou mou actually dominetically said that he mixed in Bazhou for more than 20 years, had 123 do……In this regard, we bazhou 123 clearly said: good guy, how do we not know?This section of the recording, for the wages of Ms. Li to provide, the full length of nearly 1 hour, are zhou a domineer wages arrears to respond to the employees of the scene.In part, it said that bazhou 123 had once exposed a bathing center, and that one of 123’s bosses had sat in front of him apologizing and paying thousands of yuan.In this regard, we make it clear that Zhou’s remarks are pure slander.First, Bazhou 123 has helped the masses to expose more bath centers, and no one has ever apologized or lost money (write this, I want to be happy, this lie made up, 123 old netizens all know 123 how it is, do you think this lie is true?)Second, the boss of Bazhou 123 mentioned by Zhou made it clear that he did not know Zhou and had never even met him.This rich and powerful bazhou many shop week owner, see this you blush?It is not just the blushing, you are suspected of libel.At the end of recent years, we have received a number of requests for wages from employees of a certain store.1. Ms. Li (pseudonym) is zhou xx’s employee in the store “Qi Ge” on the second floor of Zhongyuan Commercial building in Bazhou, doing logistics and part-time accounting.Li claimed that she had worked from April 2020 to January 2022, and had been in arrears with 13,634 yuan of unpaid wages from September 2021 to December 2021.Ms. Li after leaving the family sick in hospital, in need of wages, can be repeatedly to zhou a begged all did not give money.As a result of family illness urgent, but under Ms Li had to sell off their gold and silver jewelry in order to solve the pressing need.Ms. Li said: Many times the fruitless situation, I want to find the labor department to solve the problem of unpaid wages, but Zhou said that he labor bureau someone, find also useless.When I told him to report 123, he said bazhou 123 could not report this matter, and that Bazhou 123 had offended him, so he asked someone to do 123.Now, my wechat has been blocked, so far I have not given any money.2. Ms. Wang (pseudonym) worked as the store manager in the children’s wear area on the third floor of Zhongyuan Shopping Mall in Zhou from May 2018 to August 2021.Ms Wang said: “Even after MY resignation, Zhou still owes me more than 5,700 yuan, which is my salary in June and July and some expenses not reported on business trips.In fact, Zhou mou originally owed me more than 10,000 yuan of wages, I have been asking for it for half a year, it intermittently to me, now there is more than 5,700 yuan.And is this arrears of salary, also is the time that resigns with all sorts of reason deduction finish remaining.A number of employees clearly stated that, as well as Zhou mou’s own recording as evidence: Zhou Mou with all kinds of so-called fear of sudden departure of employees and other reasons, do not sign a formal labor contract for employees.Zhou also said in a recording that he didn’t sign a labor contract because he was too lazy to fire his employees or quit and they couldn’t find me because there was no labor contract.Some of the company’s longtime employees, let alone newcomers, have no contracts, says one senior employee.In view of this matter, Zhou mou said: we will pay the salary at the end of the year, but it can not be paid until the 29th day of the lunar calendar, now all employees are bet 2-3 months of wages, are ready to pay.Besides, I have everyone’s wechat, and I have asked the manager who is responsible for recording attendance to contact them.However, according to the description of some of the employees, we can see that Zhou is still lying.First, Ms. Li’s wechat has been blocked and deleted;Second, this year’s Spring Festival is xiaonian, the 29th day of the 12th month is New Year’s Eve.Hope zhou mou can keep his word, do not default to the wages of workers, who do not wait for money for the Chinese New Year, the twelfth month of 28 to send money, how to buy goods?If you can, make it early!At the same time, in view of Zhou mou does not sign the labor contract with its employees in a number of stores, we will report to the relevant departments.For Zhou’s maliciously slander bazhou 123’s speech and related suspected illegal behavior, we bazhou 123 will carry out rights protection!

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