Sun Yizhen, Xuan Bin have been married since childhood natural childhood photo exposure… Net exclaim: fate

South Korean couple Sohn Ye-jin and Hyun Bin, who have been dating for two years, announced their marriage On Tuesday.As soon as the news of their marriage was made public, netizens began to look forward to the next generation of the couple. Some even dug up cute photos of their childhood, with their delicate facial features compared together and even somewhat similar, making fans call it destined to be!Sun Yizhen and Hyun Bin announced on October 10 that they will get married next month.(figure/turn taken from tvN) Sun Yi physically to circle “natural beauty”, made his debut for 22 years, lifts a discussion, beauty is always more than she used to be public childhood photo, red with a pair of watery big eyes, round face and smile and lovely lie the cicadas, as if the delicate appearance like a doll, when it comes to a large number of fans, and she is not only as a child to grow,Even the school photos, are also goddess level beauty, from the beauty to the big appearance, even passers-by are amazing.Son Ye-jin was cute as a child:(Photo/Photo taken from theQoo) On the other hand, “fiance” Xuan Bin Ben in high school is the popular figure, he has been dug out of childhood photos, wearing a watermelon skin short hair, although the expression is world-wearying, but can be seen that the facial features are very outstanding, interesting is that his childhood photos and Sun Yizhen quite similar,The Korean Internet was also surprised to hear that “fate”, “married since childhood”, “two children are very similar”, “a little can not tell apart”.Photos of Hyun Bin as a child:(Photo/Photo taken from TheQoo) Sun Yizhen and Xuan Bin are “representatives of high appearance level” in the circle. After their childhood photos were dug up, a large number of fans said they were looking forward to their children.The wedding, which is expected to take place in March, will be held in a closed ceremony with family and friends only due to COVID-19.

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