The first in China!Fuzhou cloud “marriage” six provinces and cities thousands of “with frequency” recruit staff

Southeast network – Feb. 13 (politico Li-qing zhang) on February 12th, linkage and fuzhou fuzhou people club bureau of labor services cooperation basis, epidemic situation is relatively stable in yunnan, guizhou, chongqing, gansu, ningxia, sichuan, and other key 6 Midwest labor export provinces and cities, by the local people club department organize workers and fuzhou major employer through video online “marriage”,Jointly hold the “Good Year China Gathering Fuzhou” 2022 Enterprise Employment Online Special Job Fair.It is believed to be the first of its kind in Korea.”Our employees are our family, and about one fifth of them are migrant workers. We have a sound compensation and welfare system to promote our employees’ peace of mind in their work and life. We welcome more migrant workers from other provinces to become our family.””Excellent employees, priority cadres, and many opportunities for promotion”.Main venue in fuzhou, Beijing Oriental photoelectric technology co., LTD., fuzhou scud (fujian) electronics co., LTD., fujian jingwei group co., LTD., fuzhou and machinery co., LTD and so on five key enterprises into the studio “live post”, to people thousands of miles away to live introduced corporate jobs, salary, welfare benefits,Attract many interested to work in Fuzhou employment personnel frequently submit resumes.In addition to the relevant person in charge of the enterprise on-site introduction, some fellow old employees also appeared in the promotional video to introduce the actual feeling of working in the enterprise.”My transformation from ignorance to maturity is completed in the enterprise, my wife also works here, the company assigned us a husband and wife room.””Sun Panlong, an employee of TPV Electronic Technology (Fujian) Co., LTD., is from Zhoukou, Henan Province. He has been working at TPV for nine years.”I have been in the company for more than half a year, and I have never touched glass before. When I encounter unfamiliar operations, my colleagues will tell me carefully.”Said Chen Yun, an operator from Furui Glass Co., LTD.In addition to 5 key enterprises entering the live broadcast room, there are 15 key employment enterprises interacting with migrant workers online through the online recruitment platform, introducing the relevant information of enterprises, job demands, and answering the concerns of migrant workers.At 21 sub-meetings in and out of the province, the workers with the intention of working will interact with the recruiters of key enterprises on the issues of treatment, accommodation and other issues through video and on-site docking.Recruitment activities are carried out in the way of “simultaneous frequency” connection between supply and demand, which effectively solves the problem of inaccurate online recruitment targets.Fuzhou people club bureau party secretary, director, secondary inspector of the king’s commandment was introduced relevant information Southeast network reporter li-qing zhang taken fuzhou people club bureau party secretary, director, secondary inspector of the king’s commandment was introduced, in order to let the workers feel fuzhou full of sincerity, the online recruitment docking featured higher wages and better businesses to participate in employee life form a complete set.The average salary of the migrant workers is more than 4500-6000 yuan at the beginning of the enterprise, and after becoming skilled workers, the salary can reach more than 6,000 to 15,000 yuan.At the same time, most fuzhou enterprises, including BOE, Scud and Liuhe Machinery, have arranged dormitory and canteen for employees;If two couples come to Fuzhou to work together, many enterprises also provide a husband and wife room;Bring the children to Fuzhou, to solve the children’s enrollment, childcare problems.If migrant workers want to put down roots in Fuzhou, there is no threshold for hukou.All these efforts are aimed at enabling migrant workers to “come, stay, settle down and get rich”.Through this recruitment activity, 6 provinces and cities intend to come to the banyan migrant workers if a certain number, fuzhou municipal bureau of Human resources and Social Security will also organize chartered buses free shuttle.According to statistics, the online recruitment activity attracted 2.455 million people online to watch the live broadcast of the activity, 4531 people reached employment intention.The event will be held for nine consecutive days from January 12 to 20.After the event, workers from all over the country can continue to check the job information of key enterprises in Fuzhou through the Fuzhou Human Resources Market network and the Employment and recruitment platform of Fuzhou People’s Association, and communicate with enterprises directly.

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