Tian Jing exposed private chat records, said guo Wei was not his own, out of concern did not dare to say

Recently, the “28 incident” continues to ferment on the Internet. Now, it has become quite complicated, involving two lives.But in fact, the “28 incident” was a very simple mistake. As for whether it was a mistake or premeditated, relevant departments had already made a public announcement, saying that there was not enough evidence to file a case.Now du xinzhi and Xu Minfang’s biggest dispute, only jiujiang that property.As for the ownership of this property, I don’t think there is any need to discuss it more. Most of the money is taken by Xu Min, and xu Minfang is responsible for the furniture and decoration.Even though the house is Yao ce’s legacy, the money is from Xu Min and her parents.Now yao Ce has been confirmed not to be Xu Min’s own flesh and blood, xu Min and Xiong Lei have no relationship, if Xiong Lei wants the property, xu Min will have to pay back all the money spent in the property.As long as this case is pronounced, I think the “28 incident” will come to an end, but now someone has made it complicated, from the original search for the truth to a meaningless mutual hatred.I think even after the outcome of the 918 trial, this matter will not be completely closed.There are only two ways to truly end this affair: first, confirm the identity of du xinzhi’s mastermind, and second, several of the parties involved quit the Internet.The second way to do it is impossible, now Xiong Lei and Tian Jing have become a net celebrity, live on the Internet with goods, this is their job, it is impossible to choose to quit the Internet.So there’s only one way to prove du xinzhi’s identity.But to prove this need a premise, that is, Guo Wei is not really a mistake, but Du Xinzhi deliberately.We can find out from tian Jing’s chat records, recently, Tian Jing exposed her own private chat records.The chat was recorded on December 16, 2020, shortly after “28 Incident” occurred.Tian jing said: after the incident, I was not surprised, because I had suspected guo Wei is not his own, just out of concern did not say.In fact, Tian Jing doubt is not aimless, Guo Wei with Du Xinzhi and Guo Xikuan can be said to be without any similar place, whether face or facial features, do not see guo Wei is Du Guo’s own son.Therefore tian Jing suspected guo Wei’s identity, is completely reasonable.Tian Jing and Guo Wei get along however a few years, can distinguish Guo Wei is not du Xinzhi and Guo Xikuan’s own flesh and blood, Du Guo raises Guo Wei 28 years, how may have no doubt?But even so, neither Du nor Guo tried to check.It can be seen that there are some tricks in it.In addition, Du xinzhi had the motive of deliberately giving birth to the wrong child. Her first child had a brain disability, and she herself had a serious genetic disease, which would likely lead to problems with her second birth.So she had to go on to have three children and raise two disabled children.There is no doubt that it takes a great deal of effort, and even when children with disabilities grow up, they may not be able to work, marry and have children normally.So in Du xinzhi’s view, there is no point in raising a child. What she needs is a completely healthy child.At the very least, even if Du xinzhi has a third child in the future, there is no guarantee that the third child will not have any problems.So the heart of evil read, and Xu Min’s own son to a “leopard cat for prince”, eventually lead to today’s situation, is not without this possibility.Do you have anything to say about that?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.

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