‘Wait for me!Get off to see a tire pressure time, the car ran, Hangzhou around the city high-speed this scene is too dangerous

Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Yang Yifan correspondent Lu Zongwei Wang Chaobo “there is a person in the first lane running, too dangerous, quick to check the specific situation!”On February 13, 17:41 xu, Hangzhou high speed traffic police six brigade command center personnel found G2504 Hangzhou around the city high speed Xiaisha bridge Shanghai direction 22 kilometers, a man is running fast on the first lane, behind the traffic flow is very large, the situation is very dangerous.Command center personnel quickly dispatch police to the disposal, to prevent accidents.High-speed traffic police Shen Bin arrived at the scene, decisive processing, let the man back to the car, the scene to restore traffic.At about 10 o ‘clock in the evening, the driver Chen returned to Hangzhou to accept traffic police processing.Originally, Chen a line of 4 people from Yiwu to Suzhou, via G2504 Xiasha bridge section, the front of the queue slow phenomenon.At this time, the driver Ms. Chen suddenly found that the vehicle prompts abnormal tire pressure, so holding a lucky psychology to let a friend, that is, the man running at the beginning of this article get off to help check, did not expect the front of the vehicle through……Then came the opening scene.Hu Liyi, a police officer, pointed out the driver’s illegal behavior and punished him accordingly.”The vehicle is driving on the highway, there is an abnormal situation, the car in the safety of the situation to ensure the emergency lane or hard shoulder, open the danger alarm flash, 150 meters behind the car put a triangle warning sign, and then check the specific situation, as far as possible to reduce the main line stop stay time.”Hangzhou high-speed traffic police remind: illegal parking on the highway, on and off at will, are very easy to cause accidents!Before travel to check the car condition in advance, prepare for the trip in advance, if in the process of driving encountered emergency, be sure to keep in mind that “car pull over, people evacuated, that is, the police”.

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