Xi Jinping time | “Wonderful Canon point eyes” : solitary lift difficult to the crowd easy

Solidarity and cooperation are the key to promoting world economic recovery and global development.At present, economic globalization is facing countercurrents, unilateralism and protectionism are on the rise, and the world is facing greater instability and uncertainty. However, international economic connectivity and exchanges remain an objective requirement of world economic development, and the trend of openness, cooperation and mutual benefit is irresistible.China sets the stage, the world chorus, the road is connected, the United States and the wonderful story of “new era, shared future” is constantly written.With concrete actions, China has fulfilled its solemn promise that China will only open its door wider to the outside world.Xi Jinping Time presents a special program for the Spring Festival called “The Magic Book highlights”. Let’s follow the general secretary and read the classics together.Planning: Zhang Songhong Writer-Director: Zeng Yanlin, Wang Yukun Reporter: Wu Xia, Zhang Mengjie, Chen Jie Host: Zeng Yanlin, Li Xi, Zhang Yanfang, Liu Silu, Liu Yimeng, Synthesis: Zhang Zhenjiang, Translation: Zheng Qingbin, Wang Yanmiao, Zhuang Bo, Control: Feng Ke, Zhu Longchuan, Liu Xiaoxia, Liu Meng, Li Xin, Yu Nan, Coordination: MAO Weiwei, Hou Xiaomin, Supervisor:Zhang Songhong Wang Lu China Xinhua News NETWORK (CNC) produced

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