Anqiu Experimental primary school held a new semester traffic safety lecture

At the beginning of the new semester, to strengthen the safety awareness of students and to safeguard the safety of all the teachers and students, help students from childhood as good habits, discipline, safety travel rules in our school and city traffic police brigade squadron city cooperation, on the morning of February 16, held in the school hall “joyful growth safety travel” as the theme of the traffic safety.This lecture by the city traffic police brigade city squadron Yun Chunyu police officers preach.Her by means of the design is exquisite, vivid and interesting PPT show, starting from the actual student life, combined with living examples, the real story on traffic safety knowledge to everybody, from the safety car, crossing the road, cycling, and traffic sign recognition, guide the students to master knowledge and traffic safety consciousness to form a good habit of traffic safety, set up the ego to protect consciousness,Obey traffic laws and regulations;Do not try to be brave, do not violate the rules, cherish life, the heart always taut the string of safety, safe and healthy growth.Yun also played the scene video of traffic accidents in recent years, shocking cases to show students the main behavior and the serious consequences of accidents, so that each student was deeply touched and inspired.Students have vowed to take this as a warning, obey traffic rules, to protect their own lives and the safety of others.This special lecture on traffic safety makes students deeply understand the importance of observing traffic rules and civilized safe travel, enrich students’ knowledge of traffic safety and guide students to consciously abide by rules and regulations, which is of great significance for effectively maintaining the safety of students in the new semester and helping students grow up safely.Written and edited by Zheng Jian and reviewed by Yin Yuxi

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