Core area search and rescue scene found new orange debris, large machinery approach, experts for analysis

New orange debris has been found at the scene of the March 21 China Eastern Airlines flight accident, and experts are analyzing the debris.Today, the search and rescue site weather cleared, temperature rise, temperature difference, hot and humid scene.The headquarters required rescue workers to change into protective clothing, gloves and N95 masks when entering the core area to ensure epidemic prevention.Previously, search and rescue rely on human hand excavation, today, large machinery has entered the scene, for the search and excavation work to bring greater progress.Today, in addition to the search for survivors and the second black box, there are four missions: continue to dig for debris at the core of the plane;Drainage of the pond to the north of the core area to search for items in the pond;Perform decontamination tasks for the core area;Expand the search perimeter along the plane’s flight path.Original title: Core area search scene found new orange debris, large machinery into the latest news summary → source: CCTV news

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