Eat 3 vinegar bubble ginger every day, stick to what profit does the body have?What does the expert say

Although ginger is a cheap kitchen condiment, but its health care effect is effective, significant, this has been recorded in ancient texts.In the Spring and Autumn Period, Confucius said, “If you do not remove ginger, you will not eat much.”Li Shizhen in “Compendium of Materia Medica” also praised the clever use of ginger: “ginger, spicy but not hard, can be vegetables, can be mixed, can be fruit, can be medicine.”Shennong Ben Cao Jing” records that ginger has “temperature, hemostasis, sweating, wind”, can cure wet pain and cold abdominal pain diarrhea;Ginger is very good for the body, but directly eating ginger is easy to heat and burn, so in order to neutralize both, people make it into vinegar ginger, so it will not lead to heat and burn, and the health care effect is better.Ginger contains gingerol, stomach, digestion;Volatile substances and amino acids in vinegar can stimulate the human brain nerve center, so that the digestive organ secretes a large number of digestive fluid, so that the digestive function is enhanced.Therefore, vinegar soaked ginger can keep the function of spleen and stomach normal, make qi and blood biochemical sufficient, other organs of the body to maintain a normal state, the heart will directly benefit.There is also a saying that eating three pieces of ginger early is better than ginseng soup. What are the health benefits of eating three pieces of ginger soaked in vinegar every day?Let’s hear from the experts!Experts say that vinegar will ginger xuan hair power convergence, ginger becomes peaceful up, will not stimulate the mucosa.And vinegar is also directly go through the liver, the liver will converge when it meets acid, then the ascending function of ginger is also into the liver, there is hair in the collection, often eat can enhance the gas of liver Yang.Not only that, experts also introduced every day to eat three slices of ginger vinegar bubble, hold on to the body of the three major advantages: 1, cold clearing damp reduce belly modern life not rule, stay up late snack, eat greasy food, cold eat a variety of excessive drugs can damage the liver, cause the loss of the liver’s ability to break down fat, fat accumulation in the body form obesity.Obese people are almost all heavy moisture, Chinese medicine, ginger itself has the effect of dispelling cold and relieving the table, vinegar ginger can also effectively eliminate the cold and wet gas in the body, can promote blood circulation, treatment of cold, stomach cold, increase resistance can play a role.2, anti-aging stay up late, playing mobile phones and computers make everyone’s skin become a lot of relaxation, and the anti-aging products on the market are very expensive, in fact, cheap and affordable vinegar bubble ginger can help you delay aging.Vinegar contains amino acids, acetic acid, and probiotics that help your metabolism. Ginger in vinegar produces an antioxidant that can slow aging.Therefore, if people stick to vinegar and ginger, they can save a lot of money on skin care products.3, enhance Yang we usually say that the lack of male Yang, in fact, is the lack of liver Yang.At this time, if the liver Yang directly, on the fire, can not fill in.And ginger is rising Yang, vinegar is convergence, eat a little vinegar bubble ginger, you can put the drug strength on the liver, both rising Yang qi, and thin hair liver qi.Moreover, this method does not dissipate Yang qi too much in the spleen and stomach.Because people will sweat slightly after eating ginger, excess Yang qi is issued with sweat, which is equivalent to saying that these energy in the liver will be filled up, do not waste a bit.If you want to improve Yang qi, eat time is also pay attention to, ginger is best at xuanhair Yang Ming meridian Yang qi, 7 to 9 o ‘clock in the morning is the human body qi and blood flow Yang Ming stomach meridian, at this time vinegar ginger can improve Yang Qi.Vinegar soaked ginger helps to increase appetite and reduce colds;Also can delay aging, promote blood circulation, improve the human body Yang qi, adhere to eat really is a lot of benefits, therefore, experts suggest that everyone can eat two or three pieces of vinegar ginger in the morning.Many people will choose to make vinegar and ginger at home. Although ginger and vinegar are common products in life, it is difficult to make authentic “ginger and vinegar” at home. A little bad grasp will fail, and it is difficult to reach the standard of hygiene.In addition, it is difficult for us to control the effect of bubble. The wrong proportion and bad materials will greatly reduce the effect of ginger vinegar. For example, some small workshops make it very spicy and hard to swallow.Therefore, I recommend this ready-made tongling white ginger vinegar soaked ginger, decades of experience of the master, according to a certain proportion, after 40 days of soaking and fermentation.Tongling white ginger is a national geographic symbol product, known as the “Chinese white ginger” reputation, ginger body full ginger flavor, the most suitable for making ginger vinegar.The vinegar flavor in the ginger, ginger also becomes soft, through the vinegar acid, ginger becomes calm, more suitable to eat, do not worry about eating the fire, do not worry about ginger is too spicy and can not be eaten.Ginger lovers say it’s really delicious!With a bite of crunch, the thickness and size were just right. The slices of ginger were fresh and tender, lacking the spicy taste of ginger itself, but with more of the aroma of old vinegar. They were sour and sweet, and very delicious.Every morning a bowl of fragrant millet porridge with three or four pieces of vinegar ginger, nourishing, but also very healthy.The vinegar can also be used to mix noodles or dip in dumplings, they are very delicious!Put ginger vinegar bubble in a bubble, unexpected effect so big, solved a lot of men and women’s troubles!”Toward eating three pieces of ginger, better than drinking ginseng soup “, insist on eating three pieces of ginger vinegar every day, all day long!If you feel cold stomach, often cold hands and feet, easy to catch a cold, take three tablets in the morning, acid satisfying, spicy meek, eat to the stomach warm, very comfortable.Many people blow air conditioning to eat cold drinks in summer, and do not pay attention to warm in autumn and winter, unconsciously in the body has accumulated a lot of moisture.3 pieces of vinegar soaked ginger every day, drive away the cold in the body, shed moisture, eat a good health.Now the special price is 59 yuan two bottles, share with the family, eat straight or with rice porridge is good.Ginger vinegar is the best gift for family and friends this winter and spring!If you like, click the link below to buy it.

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