Folktale: the merchant killed the mouse, five years later, the merchant grew five tails

Welcome to the huai willow tree, this story is the “folktale” series of the 352 “the merchant killed the mouse, five years later, the merchant grew five tails”, with the story to explain the truth, story education, with the story of life, I hope my story to enlighten you.If you like my folktales, gently point your attention with your powerful hands, thank you!Liu xia town has a merchant, his name is Xia Shanqiang, he likes to talk and laugh, especially to please women, so his business is very good.The grocer went from street to street selling sundries every day, and the days passed quickly.The grocer likes to brag, he also likes to be funny, and he doesn’t care about the details.One day, the merchant went to a village to do business. He was surrounded by a group of women, who were very happy to see his load and listen to his flattery.The cargo man say: “that big aunt, your hair is very good, so big old hair return swarthy swarthy of swarthy, do not see the person that come out is this old age.”Then he put a flower on the aunt’s head.The old aunt laughed delightedly at this compliment, and said, “What a eloquent fellow he is!This flower is very beautiful, one.”The cargo man said: “you are all my beautiful grandma god of wealth.”Hear here big girl, little daughter-in-law are happy to back up.As she spoke, a young daughter-in-law cried out.It turned out that she saw some mice in the hole under the tree. One of the mice was lame. They walked around the big mouse and looked very sad.The little wife said, “Kill those mice at once. We all hate them.”When the grocer heard this, he said, “What’s the matter? I’ll kill them.”Then he took some vegetation to plug the tree hole.A daughter-in-law said: “this big mouse’s leg was injured, watching that several small mice around the big mouse is very poor, like children and mother, or forgive them!”The women said, “How compassionate you are!These things can be a scourge of people, they will come to the house will steal food, our food can not eat enough ah!”The merchant said, “Get out of the way. I’ll kill them.”He put some wood in the hole and smoked it, and the hole was immediately filled with smoke.The mice squeaked, and all the daughters-in-law applauded and praised the boy’s cleverness.The little daughter-in-law said, “Open the hole of the cave quickly and see if the mice are really dead.”The merchant took away the stones and grass that were blocking the entrance of the cave, and saw that the mice were all lying together and dead.All of a sudden a little mouse ran out of the mice, it shot out of the woods, all of a sudden.Originally, the mice and a lot of urine, they will leave wet, and then use these leaves will be small mouse mouth blocked, small mice escaped a bullet.One daughter-in-law said: “The mice are so annoying, you cut off their tails, I hate it.”The grocer said, “Well, whatever makes you happy.”He cut off the rat’s tail with his knife.He was holding the tails of five mice and laughing.The little mouse went into the woods and hid in the grass, remembering the evil smiling face of the merchant.Five years passed like water.The grocer married a wife and gave birth to a child. The son was over a month old that day. The grocer hosted relatives and friends to drink wedding wine at home.Everyone drank and sang in celebration of the merchant’s son.An old man with white hair knocked at the door. He was a very ugly man with small eyes and a pointed chin.The old man said, “May I beg a cup of wedding wine?”He still carried a few pounds of meat in his hand.When the grocer saw this, he let the old man in.The old man sat down and raised a toast to the grocer.The grocer is happy today. He drank too much and got drunk.I saw that the old man was very happy, he turned around and toasted to each table.Everyone was drunk, too. The whole yard was drunk.At night, the moon climbed over the treetops and people were drunk.The old man took out a rope and tied them all together. They couldn’t move or realize anything.The grocer was also drunk, and saw a few snakes climb over, they tied the grocer with their bodies, the grocer was scared and shouted, he shouted: “Come and save me!”But as much as he shouted, the men could not hear him.The old man put the tails of five cows on the backside of the butcher, and the tails immediately stuck to him.The old man said, “I am the mouse that ran away five years ago. You humans are so hateful. My mother and brothers were already dead, but you cut off our tails.”The old man stroked his beard and said, “After I ran away, I worked hard to become a human. Now I’m going to have a word with you. You’ll have five tails.Snakes wrapped around the grocer, who was cold and scared to wet his pants.The next morning, when the celebrants awoke, they cried out that the villagers had rescued them.They felt the chill on their backs and the white sweat of their hair.Look again, the grocer has the tail of five monkeys growing out of the back of his body. He is ashamed and regrets his behavior very much.After that, he could not live and work normally, and often became incontinent. Within five years, he died.Those tails didn’t come off after he died.They say the merchant has been making money from women all his life, and this time he was victimized by women, and he wouldn’t have come to this end if they hadn’t made him do it.Conclusion: Rats have already died, do not cut off their tails.One should not do too much, or one will get the retribution.Well, the story is finished, I have a story with feelings, with the story to illustrate the truth, with the story to illustrate the point of view, if you like the story, please help point a praise, your support is I write the biggest power, grateful!Pictures from the Internet, if any copyright infringement, please contact me to delete.Statement: the article story for the author fiction, the purpose is to illustrate the truth through the story, do not with the feudal superstition, thank you!By Ms. Wu

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