From “the world” “happy move cleaning” to see the market subject registration of new provisions

The reality TV series “The World” has received rave reviews since its premiere, often making viewers happy one minute and in tears the next.Actor Zhou Bingkun in order to let family, friends live a good life, he keenly scented moving business opportunities.So decided to take former friends to open a “happy move cleaning company”, after good brother Xiao Guoqing injured, moving company also subsequently “abortion”.So, how to let “happy moving cleaning company” has been happy?With xiaobian to take a look at the just implemented “Market Subject Registration Management Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as “regulations”) relevant provisions.Vol.1 subject set up to register limited by the story, the TV series did not account for the “happy move cleaning” set up registration.Here I want to remind you that the first paragraph of Article 3 of the Regulations stipulates: “Market entities shall register in accordance with these Regulations.No one may engage in business activities in the name of market subjects without registration.Except where registration is not required by law or administrative regulations.”As an important type of market subject, the company shall go through establishment registration in accordance with the law so as to conduct business activities within the territory of China.It is worth noting that the regulations will be “market subject” rules for the company, the company enterprise as a legal person and its branches, the sole individual proprietorship enterprises and partnership enterprises and their branch offices, the farmers’ professional co-operatives (association) and its branch, individual businesses and branches of foreign company, unified the registration rules of all kinds of market subjects.Article 10 of the Regulations stipulates: “A market subject can only register one name, and the registered market subject name is protected by law.The names of market entities shall be independently declared by the applicants in accordance with the law.”Therefore, the name of the subject is as important to the future development of the market subject as the name is to the citizen.At present, the name of the enterprise in China is declared by the applicant. The applicant can submit relevant information and materials through the enterprise name declaration system or the service window of the enterprise registration authority. The proposed enterprise name is inquired, compared and screened, and the enterprise name that meets the requirements is selected to achieve the “my name is my master”.However, it should also promise to bear legal liabilities in accordance with the law if its enterprise name is similar to the enterprise name of others in infringing the legitimate rights and interests of others.Xiaobian to give you a focus, but the enterprise name is not good to choose oh, after all, the meaning of good Chinese characters are limited.Since “happiness” means good, simple and easy to remember, Chow bingkun should hurry up to register.· The Company Law of China stipulates that a company is divided into a limited liability company and a joint stock limited company. The shareholders of a limited liability company shall be liable to the company within the limit of their subscribed capital contribution, and the shareholders of a joint stock limited company shall be liable to the company within the limit of their subscribed shares.From the “happy move cleaning” operation mode, the main staff is Zhou Bingkun couple, Xiao Guoqing couple, Often progress and Yu Hong, three male comrades responsible for moving, three female comrades responsible for cleaning, the driver by Zhou Bingkun concurrently.The start-up capital was 80,000 yuan, which was borrowed by Zhou Rong, the second sister of Zhou Bingkun, and was mainly used to buy trucks.According to the plot, if you choose the subject type of company, the editor suggests that you can choose a limited liability company. Shareholders are only liable to the company within the limit of their subscribed capital contribution, which can effectively prevent personal legal risks.At the same time, xiaobian noted that from the point of view of the later operation, in addition to The couple of Zhou Bingkun with money (borrowed from the second sister Zhou Rong) for investment, the other four people are actually through their own labor to participate in the profit distribution.In view of the six brothers, they always help each other on the way of growth, and often one party is in trouble, so the establishment of a “general partnership”, in which each partner bears unlimited joint and several liability for the debts of the partnership, is also in line with the relationship of the six people.The most important is that, different from the company, the partner in addition to money, material objects, intellectual property rights, land use rights or other property rights, can also use labor capital, in line with the other four people through labor capital.Vol.4, the main termination to cancel the TV drama because of the main move Xiao Guoqing injured Zhou Bingkun and others realized that for their age, has not suitable for selling labor to maintain survival, so “happy move cleaning” can not survive.According to Article 31 of the Regulations, if a market entity needs to terminate its registration due to dissolution, bankruptcy or other legal reasons, it shall apply to the registration authority for cancellation of registration in accordance with the law.Article 33 of the Regulations also establishes the “simple write-off” system. For market entities that have no creditor’s rights and debts or have completed the liquidation of creditor’s rights and debts, have not occurred or have settled the liquidation costs, workers’ wages, social insurance costs, statutory compensation, taxes payable (late payment fees, fines),Where all the investors undertake in writing to bear legal responsibility for the authenticity of the above circumstances, they may cancel the registration in accordance with the summary procedure.Market entities shall publicize the letter of commitment and the application for cancellation of registration through the State Enterprise credit Information Publicity System, and the publicity period shall be 20 days.If no relevant departments, creditors or other interested parties raise objections during the publicity period, the market subject may apply to the registration authority for cancellation of registration within 20 days after the expiration of the publicity period.From the plot point of view, Zhou Bingkun et al created “happy move cleaning” by customers, because of the short time there is no debt and other obstacles, meet the simple cancellation registration requirements.Therefore, from the perspective of honesty and trustworthiness, compliance with the law, xiaobian also reminds market subjects, once the termination must timely apply for cancellation of registration to the registration authority, to prevent the impact of “zombie” enterprises on personal credit evaluation.At present “the world” has ended, although “happy move cleaning” in the play did not open down, but in real life, with the “regulations” and supporting regulations “market subject registration management regulations implementation rules” implementation, market subject registration will be more convenient.Market supervision departments will further maintain a stable environment for the development of market players, effectively stimulate their vitality, and effectively help them grow faster, grow bigger and live a better life.

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